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  • We’re finally seeing blue skies and sunshine this morning, and I find myself barely remembering what that was ever like, which brings to mind the plight of some mythical creatures, meaning that there are s […]

  • It just won’t stop raining here, and I’m tired and irritable and can’t think of anything clever to say, so let’s just do this.

    From DC:
    HARLEY QUINN: HARLEY LOVES JOKER #1 – Paul Dini returns to the character he […]

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  • After a lot of internal back-and-forth about which book to focus on, some stray thoughts about the continued record-breaking success of the latest Marvel Studios offering means that there are spoilers ahead […]

    • You know I kind of always like the assumed Marvel answer to “Who’s Watching the watchmen?”
      A Watcher, well who’s watching him?
      Another Watcher, well who’s watching him?
      Another another Watcher, well who’s watching him?
      Another another another Watcher, well who’s watching him?
      and so on.

  • It’s something of a probationary week, with a few titles that I’m giving a chance to wow me before I decide whether to drop them entirely, add them to my pull list, or start trade-waiting after the first arc […]

  • From 2K Game, 2K pairs NBA2K16 with Friday Night Live youth basketball program. Black skin would be a shield for those 3 white men that I worked with. And I am trying to get more black people to come out and tell […]

  • There are a few distinct forms of ball jerseys out there. I will give you some examples of how black skin can help the white community. 3. Black skin attracts a lot of FINE women. Only acceptable reason for ads on […]

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  • The inclusion of an unusually timely and topical story means that there are spoilers ahead for…

    Action Comics Special #1
    Writer:  Mark Russell, Max Landis, Dan Jurgens
    Artist:  Francis Manapul, Will Conrad, Jil […]

  • Happy Free Comic Book Day!

    Normally I hate standing in line…and today wasn’t any different, but I was pleased that the line I had to stand in just to get into the comic shop was so long. (Though I did still […]

    • I vote for Lex Luthor. Though not in any real life context, well except you are real so therefore it would be real life….Anyway that’s my un-offical vote

  • It’s not the best or most interesting comic I read this week, but it is the best example of a kind of inadvertent theme I noticed in my purchases, and so there are spoilers ahead for…

    Batman Beyond #19 […]

    • So am I the only one that thinks that Batman Beyond shouldn’t have a legacy?
      Honestly it was better then it had any right to be, but it was wearing a bit thin by the end of the animated show?
      And if it needed a legacy maybe Superman Beyond or Static Shock Beyond and not even both in the same continuity with BB but rather “the future of an old Superman/Static” so the writers could have free reign to sell this retired super-hero future.

      • I’m going to guess that no, you aren’t the only one, but clearly there are enough people who don’t share your view, even if the book is not exactly setting the world on fire in terms of sales, as it doesn’t even break the top 100 books most months. (Some of the trade collections do, however.)
        Prior to the relaunch with Tim Drake in the role, which led to Terry eventually assuming it again, there was a “Batman Beyond Universe” comic, which also had stories about the Justice League Beyond (there was a really good storyline that featured the Justice LORDS Beyond), and there was a spin-off “Superman Beyond” comic. (It was either a mini or a one-shot – I’m too lazy to check.)
        As mentioned, while they’re retaining a lot of the elements of the show, it’s more squarely set in the current DCU’s future, and it differs from the show in some other significant ways, as the world is still recovering from the events of the “Future’s End” crossover event from some years back, so there is a certain amount of freedom.
        But really, it boils down to the fact that DC – because it’s popular – is firmly committed to a Bat-centric approach to everything, and if there’s some Bat-property they can eke some profit out of, they’ll do it. And really, that’s only a problem inasmuch as the number of comics they can produce is limited, so it does stand in the way of other ideas being explored, but that’s just the nature of the beast.
        Which is why people who want to see new and exciting ideas should start putting their own new and exciting ideas out there, or, more to the point, out here, at OpenDoor Comics!
        (Yes, I hijacked your comment and used it as an opportunity for self-promotion. And I don’t even feel bad about it.)

  • A bit of a delay this week as I had to take some time out to catch a screening of an obscure little movie you probably haven’t heard about.

    But I’m here now, so let’s see what I bought.

    From DC:


  • In the least surprising turn of events imaginable, there are spoilers ahead for…

    Action Comics #1000
    Writer: Various
    Artist: Various
    Cover: Jim Lee
    Variant Covers: Steve Rude, Michael Cho, Dave Gibbons, M […]

    • 80 years to 1000 issues means that 29.2 day average between issues.
      So I didn’t need any complex math, it be 80yrs from now (2098).
      But hay you’ll should hopefully be around for the 100th anniversary in 20 years.

  • There’s no mystery as to what I’ll be talking about tomorrow, but have a look-see at everything I bought this week anyway:

    From DC:

    ACTION COMICS #1000 – Celebrate 1000 issues of Action Comics with an all-star […]

  • It was my birthday on Friday, and as something of a belated gift to myself, and because it’s very much a foregone conclusion as to what will be in the Spotlight next week, I’ve decided to introduce something of […]

  • This week features some catch-up purchases and impulse buys. Let’s take a look at what’s in the Showcase, shall we?

    From DC:


    • since I never heard of her before Is/was Domnio marvels answer to Harley Quinn?Also don’t know if you can edit these posts but #1000 only shows #1.And Bizarro not wont superman review he not guess that your not choice, as it is not very obscure. Do not prove Bizarro right, want to be wrong. Bizarro speak is easy know I make things not clear

      • Domino predates Harley by a bit, and apart from a superficial resemblance, the two don’t really have much in common.
        I’m not that familiar with her myself, but I decided to pick this issue up because of Gail Simone.
        Action #1000 isn’t out until next week; this is just a companion piece that collects a bunch of Superman stories from the past 80 years. They were originally going to also call this special edition “Action Comics #1000,” but changed it, given that it doesn’t actually contain any of the stories that are part of #1000.

  • If I’m honest, I’m not really in the mood for this today, but I will give it the old college try, and so there are spoilers ahead for…

    Mystik U #3
    Writer: Alisa Kwitney
    Artist: Michael Norton
    Cover: Julia […]

    • Hey I listen to your recommendations. I just, don’t, you know buy them 😐 instead see which can be borrowed from the library.Anyway been reading Bizarro and now wondering just how confusing Bizarro-Zatana would be?

  • Looks like it would have been a relatively light week last week if I had picked up any comics.

    Also, when pulling up the info on the comics I saw that I failed to remember to pick up The Teriffics #2 this week. […]

  • As mentioned yesterday, the comic shop was closed when I got there, and, being lazy, I never bothered to find out if they managed to resolve their computer issues so that I could make another trip there and give […]

    • Irrational as it is I madder about the one person who doesn’t liking clicking on things then I am about when votes don’t go my way (which is not this time).

  • Upon my arrival at the comic shop today I was greeted with a sign informing me that their computer system was down.

    I didn’t check to see if the sign was written in lamb’s blood, but I’m going to guess that it […]

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