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  • With death very much on my mind this week, in determining which book to feature in the Spotlight, I decided that I should focus on a story that puts life – or perhaps Anti-Life – at its center, and so there are […]

    • I will be pissed if it’s Darkseid Reborn. How about it’s secretly Kal-el and Barda’s child?

    • It makes a certain amount of sense, given that the last page has the text from the next issue blurb about The Lump from the old Kirby comics. Finding out is the fun part.

  • It’s a St. Patrick’s Day Showcase, free of any Irish affectations or appropriations. And free of a lot of options for me to choose from, for that matter. One of the drawbacks of picking up comics on Saturday is […]

  • The combination of novelty, quality, and what one might consider a sign, if one were more inclined to believe in signs, means that there are spoilers ahead for…

    East of West #36
    Writer: Jonathan H […]

    • Bizzaro dislike creature design, the magic and tech is combined nothing like Bizzaro’s most disliked Animes. did not read first trade, did not like it but thought that with life being so good needed to keep reading story about that which unites us uniting us further into glorious beginning.

      Comment elsewhere also very honest would not click on post otherwise.

  • A fairly light week, with not a lot of choices, given that I’m unlikely to read a full trade in time to formulate anything to write about.

    It’s worth noting that this is the first week in which my theory that I […]

  • I considered several options this week. I was particularly interested in taking a look at Gail’s Crosswind, because Gail, but as I’ve mentioned, I’m disinclined to dive into trade collections if I don’t have to […]

    • Well at least it not Giles. Also do you think DC is taking pot-shots at Universal with it’s Dark Universe?

      • I doubt that DC gave Universal any thought. They just wanted to do an “All Batman, all the time” thing. Like I said, I don’t know much of anything about it, but I suspect that all of the designs for the alternaBats came first, and then they just decided to build a whole multiverse around them.

  • (Click the image to make it grow like Colossal Boy.)

    To the tune of “Don’t Stop Believing,” of course, as is only fitting, here on Journey Into Mediocrity. As is also fitting, this parody matches the level […]

  • It’s time for Showcase Saturday! I’ll show you mine even if you don’t show me yours! (Click on the comic title to see more information at the publisher’s site)

    From Dark Horse:

    From […]

    • Please! anything other than Giles comic

      • Is this an attempt at reverse psychology, or a sincere plea?
        If the former, my inclination is to not fall for it, but if it’s the latter…
        Decisions, decisions.
        I guess I’ll just leave you in suspense until tomorrow.

  • It’s true; I called it months ago. Oh well, gotta do something, I guess.

    But hey, just because I have a job again that doesn’t mean you can’t still help me make this whole comics publishing platform thing a […]

  • Want to see more of these clever song parodies? No? Well, too bad; there will (probably) be more.  The good news is you probably won’t see them anyway, as you probably aren’t even seeing this.

    But, you […]

  • The best part about the death of the Weigh In is that I’m free to write about any comic I choose.

    The worst part about the death of the Weigh In is that I’m free to write about any comic I choose.

    This was […]

  • Weigh In Wednesday is dead…long* live Showcase Saturday!

    I haven’t actually started working yet, but I decided to forge ahead with the new direction that will be forced upon me once I do start working, which […]

    • While I’d prefer you review Brave and the Bold. I’m going to wager your going to read Sex Criminals just because I don’t think it ever won the Poll.

  • One last-minute vote in the final Weigh In broke a tie, and so there are spoilers ahead for…

    Wonder Woman #40
    Writer: James Robinson
    Artist: Emanuela Lupacchino, Carmen Carnero
    Cover: Jesús Merino
    Rated T […]

    • I think I’ve hated every story where the villian’s origin is “hero was off doing heroics instead being with ME!!!”

      Also Wonder Women was already Zeus’s daughter: magic and not the “old fashion way” but no she was “unrelatable”. But hey in the Wonder Women film {guitar riff} at least the old origin is so prominent and the twist at the end so vague that every family member believes the old original story is true in film-verse. So that is something.

    • Question: if there was no voting would you have picked Barbarella?

      • Probably not. It would have either been Kill or Be Killed or the Mister Miracle “Director’s Cut” special. Probably the former, just because I haven’t gotten to write about it at all so far.
        But of the three that got most of the votes, my preference would have been 1. Barbarella 2. Action 3. Wonder Woman

  • Seed of Bismuth became a registered member 1 month ago

  • There is no asylum for Dylan even in the asylum, Barbarella can’t find a way for the ends to justify the means, Deadman is still dead and this comic is still an octopus of a thing, Superman and Booster face off […]

  • A record number of votes that seems like something that could only happen in an alternate universe means that there are spoilers ahead for…

    Elseworlds: Superman Vol. 1
    Writer: Steve Vance, Roger Stern, Howard C […]

    • Yeah, I had (and still have) a lot more that I could have said on the subject, but I was running behind schedule in getting this posted as it was.
      Neil Gaiman wrote a Superman/Green Lantern story (that went unpublished for a number of years) in which, while battling some kind of demon (my memory is fuzzy and I’m too lazy to dig the comic out), our heroes find themselves trapped in Hell (or a Hell, at any rate).
      There’s a scene that gets to the heart of Superman. Superman’s captors are inflicting the worst torture on him that they can, not by doing anything to him, but rather by preventing him from helping all of the other damned souls around him.

  • Love is in the air – or is that just Swamp Thing funk? – for the Young Monsters of the DCU, Swampy makes a second appearance this week in a tribute to his creators, Superman and Son head off into space to save a […]

    • The cover is more than a little misleading, unfortunately.

    • I was indeed. (This probably isn’t the last one, though; I’m not scheduled to start working until the week after next.)
      In any case, thanks. (And I say that both sincerely, because I appreciate the traffic, and sarcastically, because I wasn’t prepared to read that whole TPB before Sunday.)

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  • Because I didn’t buy any comics* this week, there was no Weigh In this past Wednesday.

    As I’ve mentioned a few times, this might be the sign of things to come, as I was getting closer and closer, after nearly a […]

    • In the absence of an online payment option, I could cut you a check for your earnings, on a payment schedule of your choosing.
      Or we could work out some kind of agreed-upon dead drop for cash payment.
      There are options is what I’m saying.
      And just to clarify – for others, not necessarily you – creating your own site and posting is totally free. (Should this endeavor actually start generating some income, I would look to add some paid tiers of service, but the basic “Create site, post comics” part will always be free.)

  • I went to the comic shop today, and it went something like this:

    No new comics = no Weigh In Wednesday

    I tried to find something to buy, but nothing appealed to me. I considered providing some sort of […]

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