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Spotlight Sunday 12.9.18

Another week of playing catch-up means that there are spoilers ahead for… The Green Lantern #2Writer: Grant MorrisonArtist: Liam SharpCover: Liam SharpRated T+$3.99DC Before we get started, I can announce the selection of a winner of the first (and only) OpenDoor Comics Peer Pressure Prize Sweepstakes. Congratulations to Seed of Bismuth! Thanks to everyone who […]

Spotlight Sunday 12.2.18

The end of an informal moratorium and the early days of a new creative team mean that there are spoilers ahead for… Wonder Woman #59Writer: G. Willow WilsonArtist: Cary NordCover: Terry and Rachel DodsonRated T$3.99DC  “He? Who said anything about a he?” Back when the comic featured in the Spotlight was selected by the votes […]

Spotlight Sunday 11.25.18

A light week at the comic shop means that at long last it’s here – A Very Special™ Spotlight Sunday! The New Teen Titans: PlagueWriter: Marv WolfmanArtist: George PerezDC/Keebler Company The 1980s are famously associated with a lot of cultural trends. Parachute pants! Breakdancing! Shoulder pads! Big hair! Alongside all of those artifacts of that […]

Spotlight Sunday 11.18.18

While there were several options to choose from, with the arrival of the end, there are spoilers ahead for… Mister Miracle #12Writer: Tom KingArtist: Mitch GeradsCover: Nick DerringtonVariant Cover: Mitch GeradsRated M$3.99DC “I can always escape.” I meant to get around to taking a look at Plastic Man upon the arrival of its final issue, […]

Spotlight Sunday 11.11.18

Hitting the shop several days after New Comic Book Day means there are spoilers ahead for… The Wicked + The Divine: The Funnies #1Writer: VariousArtist: VariousCover: Jamie McKelvieVariant Cover: Margaux SaltelRated M$3.99Image “We also asked Chip.” If things had gone according to plan, you’d most likely be reading about The Green Lantern #1 by Grant […]

Spotlight Sunday 11.4.18

The work of Brubaker and Phillips being my drug of choice means that there are spoilers ahead for… My Heroes HaveAlways Been JunkiesWriter: Ed BrubakerArtist: Sean PhillipsCover: Sean PhillipsRated M$16.99Image “I mean, what young lovers don’t secretly want this? To just be bandits on some lost highway…running until it all burns down?” I’ve gotten off […]

Spotlight Sunday 10.28.18

In another reality, I made a different selection for the Spotlight, and you can ponder the question of what that other reality is like – what this reality might have been like – but in the reality in which I made this choice, there are spoilers ahead for… What If? Thor #1Writer: Ethan SacksArtist: Michele […]

Spotlight Sunday 10.21.18

Some good comics this week – and we’ll get to that – but did any of the others have Fin Fang Foom? No. No, they did not, so there are spoilers ahead for… Thor #6Writer: Jason AaronArtist: Christian WardCover: Esad RibicRated T+$3.99Marvel “The Starbrand, the Iron Fist, the Spirit of Vengeance.The Sorcerer Supreme. Doom is […]

Showcase Saturday 10.13.18

There’s a triple helping of Gail Simone this week, along with a Spooktacular special, Superman having only a ghost of a chance of surviving in the Phantom Zone, the second part of a Wonder Woman story that I didn’t read the first part of, a look at one of Catwoman’s previous lives, Arabian Nights, and […]