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Showcase Saturday 7.28.18

This is the part where I try to come up with something clever to say as a means of introducing this post in which I list the comics I bought today, one of which I might write about tomorrow. … … Look, here’s what I bought, okay? Don’t make this weird. From DC: ACTION COMICS […]

Showcase Saturday 7.21.18

Time to make the donuts Showcase! From DC: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD: BATMAN AND WONDER WOMAN #6 – It’s an epic battle for Tir Na Nóg in this finale, as King Elatha has opened its Causeways and both Fomorian and Dé Denann creatures are spilling into our own realm! Batman must go back to […]

Showcase Saturday 7.14.18

This week’s Showcase includes a double helping of Gail Simone, a new start for the Man of Steel, and something that’s probably going to interfere with my ability to sleep, if history is any indication. Let’s take a look. From Avatar: PROVIDENCE ACT 2 HARDCOVER – The second arc of Providence is unveiled in this […]

Showcase Saturday 7.7.18

Thanks to the holiday, I picked up my new comic books on New Comic Book Day for a change. I considered doing a special, one-off Weigh In Wednesday, but I already gave advance notice of which book(s) I’ll be writing about on Sunday a while back, so I decided against it. If – and that’s […]

Showcase Saturday 6.30.18

(To the tune of the theme song of ABC’s early 90s “TGIF” programming block) It’s Saturday afternoon On the last day of June Been to my favorite spot Show you what I bought Showcase Saturday! From DC: BATMAN BEYOND #21 – “Target: Batman” part two! When a hyper-crime crisis strikes Neo-Gotham, Batman flies in to […]

Showcase Saturday 6.23.18

Sweet Christmas! This is cutting into my Luke Cage Season 2 binge, so I’ll make it quick. Look at the comics I bought this week – including some things I missed the first time around – and then come back tomorrow to see which – if any – of them I write about. RICANSTRUCTION – […]

Showcase Saturday 6.16.18

It’s Saturday, and you know what that means…because if you don’t know what it means, you’re probably not here looking at this anyway, so who am I even talking to? Anyway, I bought comics. Let’s you – whoever you may or may not be – and me take a look, shall we? From DC: MISTER […]

Showcase Saturday 6.9.18

I show you what I bought, you take a look, then, hopefully, you come back tomorrow to see which of these comics – if any; I might choose something else entirely – I write about. That sums it up. Here’s the part where you take a look: From DC: THE LEGION BY DAN ABNETT AND […]

Showcase Saturday 6.2.18

Being late to the party means I missed out on the one DC/H-B crosssover I was most interested in (Black Lightning/Hong Kong Phooey), but I still grabbed one of them, anyway. Let’s take a look at what we have to work with. From DC: THE MAN OF STEEL #1 – A new era begins for […]

Showcase Saturday 5.26.18

It’s Saturday. I’ve been to the comic shop. This is what I bought. I may write about one of these tomorrow, or I may write about some other comic entirely. So you know what I got, but you don’t necessarily know what you’re going to get. Let’s take a look. From DC: BATMAN BEYOND #20 […]