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  1. (this is the second comment that was deleted because the site thought I was clicking next page rather than scroll up so I’ll be in note pad make my comments from now on) and when I say deleted I mean I haven’t posted it yet but it is finished but I scroll up to look over my spelling and grammer then I click [post comment]. So the part I assume you have control over is the (video game term) hit box size of the sidebar arrows and thats what I wouls like to see changed? maybe (like I hope I’m not your only constumer) so just ingore this rant. sorry for bothering.

  2. Now onto what I original wanted to say.
    This story looks interesting so far and the artwork pretty good too. However the size on the picture on the normal page (not the .jpg that page is fine) is 50% to small for me to read without going to the .jpg page. But again not on a smart phone so have no Idea if the formatting looks better there only that it can be wildly different then my Desktop experience.

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