Welcome to Napkin Comics, a site dedicated to displaying your Napkin Masterpieces!

What are Napkin Comics?  Napkin Comics are, as the name implies, comics created on napkins.

Or on whiteboards, or on chalkboards, or on scrap paper, or in a simple drawing app, or…basically, if you have a funny or interesting comic doodled quickly on whatever media is at hand, this is the place to share it with the world.

Drew a picture that captures a funny moment on a cocktail napkin while sitting at the bar waiting for your chronically-late friend to show up?  Snap a picture of it and share it here.

And just as they don’t have to be actual napkins, they don’t even have to be comics, just any kind of creative visual you’d like to share. Doodles! Scribbles! Word Art! Whatever!

How it works (for now):

Send your Napkin Comic to comics@opendoor-comics.com, along with a name you’d like to be credited by, and, assuming it complies with The Rules,* it will be posted here and communicated out to the world.  You’ll also receive a notification and link.

How it will work:

The site will be opened up for anonymous posting (in some fashion), and OpenDoor Comics will develop an app to simplify the process.  More information to come as developments, er, develop.

Please note that you retain ownership of your Napkins and you’re free to do with them whatever you want. You’re just granting permission for them to be shared here, and you can always request that they be removed.

You can be credited in any fashion you like – or remain anonymous – and if you have a site or a social media profile you would like to link to, that can be included with your Napkin when it’s posted.

*This is meant to be fun, so please submit content in that spirit.