And so we reach the end of Book One.

What’s next? Well, first, I’m going to Disney World (really).

Then I’m taking a little more time to recharge and relax a bit. Just a bit. At some point, I will compile all of the pages into a single volume and put it up for sale on OpenDoor Comics, most likely in a couple of a different formats.

Why buy it when you can read it for free? Well, there’s the convenience of having it all in one volume, and I will most likely add some additional exclusive content. What will that content be? Don’t know yet. Maybe a new cover, some pin-up pages, or even a deleted scene. I will keep you informed as things progress, on the OpenDoor Comics Twitter and Facebook pages, and probably in The Threshold as well. So stay tuned! (Or more likely, get tuned, by following said pages, and then stay tuned.)

After that, I’ll get started on Book Two, and if I somehow manage to generate some revenue from sales of Book One – or from any other part of OpenDoor Comics – I might seek out some collaborators.

I want to say thanks to everyone who has popped by to take a look at my first attempt at putting out a serialized comic. I’ve learned a lot from this first effort. Mostly I’ve learned what not to do, which is still useful, and I will attempt to apply those lessons to my next effort.

The main thing I’ve learned, though I knew that going in, is that I would benefit greatly from having someone else – someone with greater skills – draw it. Not only would the artwork improve, but the pacing and storytelling would as well, I think. A lot of pages got crammed full of expository text simply because I just didn’t have it in me to draw more pages and provide some breathing room. (It would also mean no longer scripting on the fly and adding in last-minute details that I might have thought of sooner in the process if I had done more work ahead of time.) I’d also be willing to take more chances; a lot of what has been presented here has been done within the limits of what I thought I could reasonably pull off artistically.

And I think it’s abundantly clear that, if nothing else, I would benefit from having someone else do the lettering…

I’ve mentioned that the story of Major Efram Sherman is just one small part of a larger set of stories, and illustrating those stories is well beyond my abilities. I’m not exhibiting false modesty here or getting down on myself; I’m just acknowledging the facts. Having someone else handle that part would go a long way towards providing answers to some of the mysteries – Who is this Marsden the Mysterious Figure mentioned? Who is the Mysterious Figure? What’s the deal with that sword, and what is Gin Smith’s connection to it? – that appear in this story and filling in the details of what came before, and, perhaps more importantly, what comes after…

Still, while this hasn’t turned out as well as I might have hoped it has turned out better than I ever expected, and no matter what else I might say about it, I at least proved to myself that I could do it.

Again, thank you for checking it out, and one day we’ll meet again in the mixed-up mind of the former Efram Sherman and current Wargod!