Explaining the Joke

So this was not the first draft, I scrap my first choice which was to have Literally Legolas and Elrond show up in Alternity LARPing gear. But thinking about it the core essence of Vulcan’s isn’t space elves, it is the Dream/Hope that somewhere there is a Civilization/Culture that listens only to Logic and Reason rather than Superstition and Fear. And while I don’t doubt there is a Alien race that would claim that just look at the Internet “Rationals” to see just how far from the truth that can be.

If you are a Rational and are one irrationally angry with me, well did you not just prove my point.

But I can hear some of you say: what about the Greeks. Yes the Greeks that collection of cultures whose philosophies either ignored slavery or praised it, that routinely thought half of the humanity (Women) where less sapient then Horses. Had unconformable obsession with the physic of 12-14 year old boys. And Plato who thought the Earth was the perfect shape of a Cube.

umm Robots! Yeah A.I. they are the Logical Future!

Hate to break it to you but new studies say truly sapient A.I. my be impossible. But let us say it was: any Machine will more likely exacerbate their creators(us) unknown/unconscious bias or flaws. And no making a Machine build a Machine that then builds a Machine and so on, will not get rid of this anymore then you or I can get rid of the lizard part of our brains.

So in the end a Alien Race of Pure Logic is nothing but a Fantasy less real then even Tolkien’s Elves.