Batman / Superman: World’s Finest


Strange Visitor, Chapter Five: Key to the Kingdom

Regular Dan Mora Cover

Release: Jan 17, 2023

Cover: Mar 2023

The saga of Boy Thunder crashes to a close as Batman, Superman, and the Titans frantically attempt to save their wayward ward! The choices the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel make in this moment will affect the future as we know it, as the secret identity of this über-powerful last son–that of someone DC fans have known for decades–is at last revealed!


WriterMark Waid
ArtistDan Mora
ColoristTamra Bonvillain
Cover ArtistDan Mora
EditorPaul Kaminski
Editor in ChiefMarie Javins

DC Poster Portfolio: Brian Bolland

Release: Dec 27, 2022

One of DC’s most acclaimed artists finally receives his own poster book! Showcasing nearly four decades of Brian Bolland’s amazing covers ranging from Animal Man to The Joker to Zatanna, this collection features 20 removable pages that can be kept together as a single portfolio or individually framed for display.



Release: Jan 17, 2023

Bigby and Snow have raised their children to be outstanding heroes, but just as they’re ready to congratulate each other on their parenting skills, Snow reveals a secret to Bigby that will rattle his world!

House Of Slaughter


Regular Mateus Manhanini Cover

Release: Jan 18, 2023

New series artist Antonio Fuso (Lost Falls, GI Joe: Cobra) joins returning writer Tate Brombal (Behold, Behemoth) to reveal the next chapter of Jace Boucher’s story! No longer the monster hunter he once was and unaware of Aaron’s fate, Jace’s new mission is to protect the orphans under his care. Can he save them from not just the monsters, but his own rage and guilt? One of these children may be in even worse danger than Jace knows, as a strange pair of eyes watches him from the woodland shadows…


WriterJames Tynion, IV | Tate Brombal
ArtistWerther Dell’Edera | Antonio Fuso
Cover ArtistMateus Manhanini

Lazarus Planet: Assault On Krypton


Gone Dark/Electric/Breakthrough/Deus Ex Magicka

Regular David Marquez & Alejandro Sanchez Cover

Release: Jan 17, 2023

Cover: Mar 2023

Written by Nicole Maines, C.S. Pacat, Frank Barbiere, and Leah Williams. Art by Skylar Patridge, Scott Godlewski, Sami Basri, and Marguerite Sauvage. With the world in chaos and Lazarus raining from the skies, the Earth’s protectors from Krypton are hit hard. In this collection of epic vignettes from in and around Lazarus Planet, we’ll see heroes transformed, secrets revealed, and power unleashed. Can Power Girl free herself from the out-of-control Omen? Will Dreamer’s visions guide our heroes to the path of victory? Can Mercy Graves survive the transformation she’s undergone? And will Jonathan Kent ever be the same again?


WriterLeah Williams | Frank Barberi | C.S. Pacat | Nicole Maines
ArtistSami Basri | Scott Godlewski | Vicente Cifuentes | Marguerite Sauvage | Skylar Patridge
ColoristNick Filardi | Alex Guimaraes | Hi-Fi Color Design
Cover ArtistDavid Marquez | Alejandro Sánchez-Rodriguez
EditorBen Abernathy
Editor in ChiefMarie Javins

The New Champion Of Shazam


Release: Jan 17, 2023

DARLA IS MISSING! While Mary was focusing on her duties as the new Shazam, her now-powerless little sister struck out on her own to help solve the mystery of the missing persons in their city. Now it’s up to our hero to find the true villain before everyone is lost for good. Little does she know, the key to saving the day awaits her at Fawcett Community College with her mysterious mentor, Dr. G! You won’t want to miss this shocking finale!


WriterJosie Campbell
ArtistEvan Shaner
ColoristEvan Shaner
LettererBecca Carey
Cover ArtistTula Lotay | Rose Besch | Evan Shaner
EditorBrittany Holzherr
Editor in ChiefMarie Javins

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