Today I got my rewards for being a paid backer of Love Everlasting, the Substack comic from Tom King and Elsa Charretier, with colors by Matt Hollingsworth, and letters by Clayton Cowles.

The packaging.

Said rewards included physical copies, with a trade collecting the individual issues, and two copies of #1 (all signed by Charretier).

Some mini-prints and a bookmark:

The two prints are the same; we see front and back here.

Another mini-print:

A really cool and shiny not-so mini print:

A full-on Tom King artistic masterpiece, signed by the artist:

…and a blank canvas?

I guess to encourage me to create my own artistic masterpiece? But how could I ever compete with Tom King? Why even bother?

I’ve actually been buying the printed issues of Love Everlasting as they’ve come out, which I knew was kind of redundant, given that I had access to them via Substack and that I knew this trade was coming, but I might as well cover my bases. Besides, it allowed me to pick up some variant covers.

Anyway, it was especially neat because I was not expecting to get anything in the mail today. But I will certainly be getting more stuff in the mail in the coming days, so stay tuned for the next Mail Call.

Born and raised in the sparsely populated Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Jon Maki developed an enduring love for comics at an early age.

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