Dark Knights of Steel


Regular Dan Mora Cover

Release: Jan 03, 2023

THE BESTSELLING SERIES CONTINUES! The opening battle for the Three Kingdoms takes a deadly and dramatic turn as heroes return…enemies are revealed…and dark secrets spill out like blood on the battlefield!


WriterTom Taylor
ArtistYasmine Putri
ColoristArif Prianto
LettererWes Abbott
Cover ArtistDan Mora
EditorBen Abernathy

Gotham City: Year One


Regular Phil Hester & Eric Gapstur Cover

Release: Jan 03, 2023

THE NEW CRIME-NOIR CLASSIC ROLLS ON! Slam Bradley’s search for the Wayne heiress takes a tragic, deadly turn and the simmering pot that is Gotham City is about to boil over! As the world falls apart around him, Slam must decide between justice and revenge–a choice that will echo down the generations and redefine both Gotham and Batman!


WriterTom King
PencillerPhil Hester
InkerEric Gapstur
ColoristJordie Bellaire
LettererClayton Cowles
Cover ArtistEric Gapstur | Phil Hester
EditorBen Abernathy
Editor in ChiefMarie Javins

Shang-Chi: Master of the Ten Rings


Release: Jan 04, 2023

FATHER AND SON, SIDE BY SIDE?! Shang-Chi is lost in time and the only one who can help him is…his father?! What will Shang-Chi do when he meets the younger version of his evil parent? Will he be able to change the course of history? Or will Shang-Chi be shocked to discover he didn’t know his father as well as he thought? Find out as Gene Luen Yang’s Shang-Chi saga comes to its shocking conclusion! Rated T+

Vampirella Versus Red Sonja


Regular Lucio Parrillo Cover

Release: Jan 04, 2023

Hell on Earth has arrived. The sky is black, choked with smoke and fire on the horizon. Swarms of demonic creatures fill the air, with no signs of human life or hope in sight. It is devastation. It is a vampire’s playground. It is more even than the most courageous superhero could bear. But Red Sonja is no superhero…she is a She-Devil with a Sword!


WriterDan Abnett
ArtistAlessandro Ranaldi
Cover ArtistLucio Parrillo

Born and raised in the sparsely populated Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Jon Maki developed an enduring love for comics at an early age.

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