Birds of Prey, Vol. 6


Leonardo Romero Regular

Release: Jan 02, 2024

As the Birds and the Amazons double their efforts in fighting Megaera, Dinah and Sin take the battle inside, quite literally. The battle for the fate of Sin has now truly begun and it is not something everyone is gonna walk away from.


WriterKelly Thompson
ArtistArist Deyn, Leonardo Romero
Cover ArtistLeonardo Romero

Conan the Barbarian (Titan Books)


Jae Lee Regular


Dan Panosian Variant

Release: Jan 03, 2024

Titan Books

“By Crom, this is a fine tale!’ WARRIOR. THIEF. PIRATE… After adventures on the high seas, CONAN returns to shore to find himself haunted by his memories of BELIT, captain of the Tigress and Queen of the Black Coast. Can a high-stakes heist draw him out of his tortured past, or will it plunge him deeper into the chaos that has always been waiting for him?


WriterJim Zub
ArtistDoug Braithwaite
Cover ArtistJae Lee, Dan Panosian
ColoristDiego Rodriguez

Fire & Ice: Welcome To Smallville


Terry Dodson Regular


Stjepan Šejić Variant

Release: Jan 02, 2024

Fire and Ice’s salon has gone up in flames, and Smallville doesn’t seem far behind it. The villains in residence grow restless for bedlam and a better payday than they’ve had access to since joining Fire’s rehabilitation program, and even the locals have got a strange, almost possessed gleam in their eyes these days…


WriterJoanne Starer
ArtistNatacha Bustos
Cover ArtistTerry Dodson, Stjepan Šejić

Kneel Before Zod


Jason Shawn Alexander Regular

Release: Jan 02, 2024

General Zod was Krypton’s most notorious criminal. Now he has an entire planet to rule–but what happens when the most dangerous individual in the universe gets everything he ever wanted? Obviously, he wants more–and he’ll stop at nothing to get it–in the most brutal series you’ll read this year! This is not a hero’s journey. This is a dark ride, brought to you by the sick and twisted minds of Adventures of Superman writer Joe Casey and artist Dan McDaid in his monumental main-line DC debut. For General Zod and his family, the descent into hell has just begun.


WriterJoe Casey
ArtistDan McDaid
Cover ArtistJason Shawn Alexander
ColoristDavid Baron

Love Everlasting


Elsa Charretier Regular

Release: Jan 03, 2024

New Story Arc. “Just West of Love,” Part One The answers are here in this eye-opening new arc of the Eisner and Harvey-nominated series! Since issue one, Joan has been hunted and haunted by the Cowboy. Now, we travel west and explore his origins as we discover a huge clue to why Joan is trapped inside this strange world of love and violence.


WriterTom King
ArtistElsa Charretier
Cover ArtistElsa Charretier
ColoristMatt Hollingsworth
LettererClayton Cowles

Once Upon a Time at The End of The World


Ariel Olivetti Regular

Release: Jan 03, 2024

Cover: Jan 2024

From their initial meet cute in the wasteland to the paradise oasis they built in adulthood, everything in Maceo and Mezzy’s story has led to this. Torn asunder by the events of the critically acclaimed Book Two, each faces old age and the unforgiving end of all things, isolated on a planet breathing its last breaths. But fate has other plans for these star-crossed lovers, and they will be reunited one last time… with nothing less than the fate of the entire world at stake. Iconic artist Nick Dragotta (East Of West, Ghost Cage) joins New York Times bestselling and Eisner and Harvey Award winning writer Jason Aaron to bring this epic post-apocalyptic love story to an unbelievable conclusion that no comic book reader can afford to miss.


WriterJason Aaron
ArtistNick Dragotta
Cover ArtistAriel Olivetti

Savage Red Sonja


Dan Panosian Regular


Cosplay Variant

Release: Jan 03, 2024

Red Sonja returns from the Wastelands with the Blood Ruby, and immediately sets off to steal its equally valuable counterpart! Unfortunately for Hyboria’s Greatest Warrior, the gem is heavily guarded by the legendary Slayers of Shadizar – and the She Devil will have to use more than just her sword if she wishes to survive such a perilous pursuit!


WriterDan Panosian
ArtistAlessio Petillo
Cover ArtistDan Panosian

Shazam!, Vol. 4


Dan Mora Regular

Release: Jan 02, 2024

The match you’ve been waiting for: the Captain versus Black Adam! Who will wield the thunder…and who will ultimately be crowned the Champion of Shazam?!


WriterMark Waid
ArtistGoran Sudžuka, Dan Mora
Cover ArtistDan Mora
ColoristIve Svorcina
LettererTroy Peteri
EditorPaul Kaminski

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Born and raised in the sparsely populated Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Jon Maki developed an enduring love for comics at an early age.

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