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Spotlight Sunday 10.20.19

A modern adaptation of a classic radio adventure that helped promote real-world justice means that the Spotlight has been turned on once again to reveal some spoilers for… The emblem on his chest looked like a badge, or maybe a shield. It told everyone that he was Superman, and that was awesome. In 1946, as […]

Spotlight Sunday 9.29.19

Getting lots of reminders about a comic I read to destruction as a kid means that the Spotlight is shining again today, and there are spoilers ahead for… OMAC lives so that man may live! Over on Twitter, there’s been a lot of discussion about comics that have gotten me thinking about this particular issue […]

Spotlight Sunday 7.7.18

The return of a certain Ace reporter to her own title after a too-long absence means that there is a temporary return of the Spotlight and spoilers ahead for… “Espionage and investigative journalism have a lot in common. More than just the hours.” I remain annoyed that last year DC didn’t do anything to acknowledge […]

Spotlight Sunday (Kind Of) 5.12.19

The Spotlight isn’t back, exactly – I’m still mulling some options – but I have a thing I want to talk about, and today is Sunday, so…call it Flashlight Sunday. (Flashlight Funday? No? No.) Anyway, what I want to talk about is a thing I’ve been talking about a lot elsewhere, so I might as […]

Spotlight Sunday 3.10.19

An additional data point in favor of my long-held theory means that there are spoilers ahead for… “Come, you ignorant beast! Try and kill me so I can live again!” I was reluctant, as per my nebulous rules for writing about comics, to tackle an issue of Conan again so soon, but this issue provides […]

Spotlight Sunday 3.3.19

Familiar faces in somewhat-unfamiliar places mean that there are spoilers ahead for… “How many times must I remind old dudes that I’m 16?” This was one of the heavier weeks at the comic shop, meaning that I had a lot of books to choose from for the Spotlight which can, sometimes, be a bit of […]

Spotlight Sunday 2.24.19

For the sake of mixing things up every so often, I’ve decided to do something a bit different today. Instead of talking about one of the latest comics I’ve bought or one from my existing library of comics, I want to talk a bit about an interesting bit of comics-related social media reminiscing in which […]

Spotlight Sunday 2.17.19

The fact that you can’t judge a book by its cover means that there are spoilers ahead for… “I do hope you didn’t kill the Dwarves. I’m running low on hammers.” I hadn’t wanted to tackle another issue of Thor so soon, given how frequently the Spotlight shines on it – if I’m honest, I […]

Spotlight Sunday 2.10.19

There was a lot to choose from this week, but the publication of a “lost” story means that there are spoilers ahead for… “I was wrong. Ma and Pa were wrong. I can’t do this.” Back in the Aughts, DC published a series called Superman Confidential, featuring story arcs by different creative teams that focused on […]

Spotlight Sunday 2.3.19

The fact that I’ve got “Thunderstruck” stuck in my head means that there are spoilers ahead for… “The continued existence of people is the only hope for something other than your culture.” I don’t recall a time in my life in which I saw comics published by Charlton being sold individually on store shelves or […]