Just wanted to post a quick note to point out that the new site that will be the home for Spotlight Sunday-style posts finally has a name and is live. You can see it here. There’s not much to see yet beyond a “welcome” post, but the first actual post […]

An experiment in visual storytelling means there are spoilers ahead for… … As I so often point out, what I’m doing here isn’t really reviewing comics or providing any sort of in-depth analysis, but rather I’m attempting to have a conversation, of sorts, about specific comics I’ve read, to tell […]

Some completely devastating news means that it’s time once again to shine the Spotlight on a legend… Every day is a good day to tell the world how much you love George Perez. Colleen Doran Last week, I had intended to write a Spotlight post about Wonder Woman Historia: The […]

The release of the third installment of a series of books that seem to be written specifically for me means that there are spoilers ahead for… “Thing is, that’s not what I signed up for. This was supposed to be about revenge.” My mom loved Charles Bronson. Why? I don’t […]

A lot of alleged comic book fans engaging in a “Tell me you don’t know anything about Superman without saying that you don’t know anything about Superman” challenge online means that there are spoilers ahead for… Yes, it’s Superman–strange visitor from another planet who came to Earth with powers and […]

A new comic from the Mother of Dragons means there are spoilers ahead for… “I’m your mom now, and I’m MAD.” It’s not unusual for people from fields outside of comics to make comics. Prose writers, singers, comedians, and actors have all taken a crack at it over the years. […]

Thinking about getting away to someplace nice, perhaps near a lake, means there are spoilers ahead for… “How gentlemanly, letting me pick my own apocalypse.” One thing I often think about is how when it comes to movies, TV shows, and books I’m very genre-focused. I like what I like, […]

DC’s release of a 100-page celebration of Asian Heritage Month means there are spoilers ahead for… “Knights of the so-called Brotherhood. Your sophomoric attempts to hypersexualize me and my Asian sisters are pathetic. Be grateful I don’t slay you where you stand.” Let me get the (kind of) bad stuff […]