Batman / Superman: World’s Finest, Vol. 2 Annual


Dan Mora Regular

Release: Jan 30, 2024

Written by Mark Waid, Cullen Bunn, Stephanie Williams, Dennis Culver, and Christopher Cantwell Art by Edwin Galmon, Rosi Kampe, Travis Mercer, and Jorge Fornes IT’S THE WORLD’S FINEST ANNUAL! As the battle against Magog rages on Earth-22, Batman and Superman discover a surprising secret by way of the 5th dimension! Meanwhile, Metamorpho’s story picks up after the events of the Elementary arc as our hero journeys deep within an ancient tomb that may have a hidden, deadly connection to his secret origin! Plus, Batman recruits the Challengers of the Unknown for a top-secret mission, and a special, sizzling story stars the Teen Titans’ most buzzworthy member, Bumblebee! It’s a world tour of the World’s Finest in this first-ever series annual, curated by World’s Finest architect Mark Waid!


WriterCullen Bunn, Stephanie Williams
ArtistJorge Fornés, Edwin Galmon
Cover ArtistDan Mora

Power Girl: Uncovered


Marie Javins Regular


Joshua ‘Sway’ Swaby Foil Variant

Release: Jan 30, 2024

Art by Frank Cho, Sozomaika, Warren Louw, Guillem March, Babs Tarr, Rahzzah, and Others There’s no stopping Power Girl! Celebrate the Earth-2 hero’s triumphant return to the DCU with this gallery of awe-inspiring covers by the all-star artists who have brought her to life over the years!


WriterBrittany Holzherr
Cover ArtistMarie Javins, Joshua ‘Sway’ Swaby

Trinity Special


Daniel Sampere Regular


Belén Ortega Variant


Jorge Jiménez Variant

Release: Jan 30, 2024

THE FIRST APPEARANCES OF DC’S BREAKOUT CHARACTER, COLLECTED! FEATURING A BRAND NEW STORY FROM THE WONDER WOMAN TEAM OF TOM KING AND DANIEL SAMPERE! Featuring DC’s brightest new star, Trinity! Discover Lizzie’s earliest adventures as she takes the world of heroes by storm! Reprinting the character’s first appearance alongside hilarious tales of the little Amazon and her Super Son babysitters, this special will be an instant classic for fans old and new. Plus, a brand-new story from the all-star creative team behind Wonder Woman that will tease the future of Diana’s daughter!


WriterTom King
ArtistBelén Ortega, Daniel Sampere
Cover ArtistDaniel Sampere, Belén Ortega, Jorge Jiménez
ColoristTomeu Morey, Alejandro Sánchez
LettererClayton Cowles

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