Action Comics, Vol. 3


John Timms Regular

Release: Feb 13, 2024

The shocking second chapter of the Worst Bizarro Story Ever! Jason Aaron’s first time writing Superman sees the Man of Steel trapped in a world gone mad, a Metropolis transformed into the City of Bizarro! While Superman struggles to save the lives of people who despise him, he’s also battling the most powerful Bizarro of all…the one inside his own mind!


WriterJason Aaron
ArtistJohn Timms
Cover ArtistJohn Timms

Blue Book: 1947


Michael Avon Oeming Regular

Release: Feb 14, 2024

Cover: Feb 2024

This ambitious, non-fiction comic book experience depicts true stories of UFO abductions with an eye to capturing the strange essence of those encounters. In 1947, Kenneth Arnold flew his Call-Air A-2 over the skies of the Pacific Northwest when all of a sudden he saw a blinding flashof silver light. What followed was a bizarre and difficult to explain encounter with several flying objects that would change the course of his life forever. Tiny Onion Studios and Dark Horse Comics present a line of upcoming creator-owned work from the mind of James Tynion IV across a broad spectrum of his interests. Also includes a True Weird backup story by Zac Thompson, Gavin Fullerton, and Aditya Bidikar!


WriterJames Tynion IV
ArtistMichael Avon Oeming
Cover ArtistMichael Avon Oeming
LettererTom Napolitano

DC Power 2024


Chase Conley Regular

Release: Jan 30, 2024

Cover: Mar 2024

Written by N.K. Jemisin, John Ridley, Brandon Thomas, Lamar Giles, Shawn Martinbrough, Cheryl Lynn Eaton, and Alitha Martinez Art by Jamal Campbell, Edwin Galmon, Khary Randolph, Denys Cowan, Tony Akins, Asiah Fulmore, and Alitha Martinez DC Power returns for round two with brand-new stories spotlighting Black characters from across the DC Universe by an all-star cast of writers and artists! N.K. Jemisin and Jamal Campbell return to the Hugo Award–winning world of Far Sector for an epilogue featuring the first meeting between Jo Mullein and John Stewart! The Signal, Duke Thomas, finds inspiration from an unlikely ally. Crispus Allen searches for purpose outside of being the Spectre–and goes to Renee Montoya for guidance! Thunder and Lighting (Anissa and Jennifer Pierce), cause sparks to fly at a community event crashed by the Condiment King; Raphael Arce learns the secret origin of the original Bloodwynd; Val-Zod, Earth-2’s Superman, contemplates the balance between his pacifist philosophy and protecting the people of his universe; and Nubia teams up with…Mr. Mxyzptlk?! All these stories and more, just in time for Black History Month!


WriterDeron Bennett, Greg Burnham
ArtistAlitha Martinez
Cover ArtistChase Conley

Penthouse Comics


Vanesa Del Rey Variant

Release: Feb 14, 2024


All polybag NSFW variants come with a free print that covers the NSFW cover. Cover art by Vanesa Del Rey, the Eisner nominated artist behind major titles like Redlands, Basic Instinct, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Women Alpha, and many more incredible titles. Releasing 30 years after the original line debuted, Penthouse is proud to present the ongoing return of Penthouse Comics! Featuring a wealth of talent from all across the industry telling stories in the action, thriller, and horror genres, issue #1 debuts four new ongoing tales. Gun Crazy debuts the wild ride of Dolly Sanchez and Lanoya O’Brien, two girls fighting for survival in this violent story in the crossroads of Tarantino, VHS stuff, and the 80’s. Guillem March draws Jean Dufaux’s The Dream, a tale about Megan, a Hollywood casting director who attempts to bring out the potential actor hidden deep inside a stripper in the San Francisco suburbs. I Spit On Your Grave, is an adaptation of Vernon Sullivan’s famous novel about Lee Anderson, whose only goal is to avenge the death of his brother. Along the way he’ll fall into a life of debauchery and sex. Miss October follows a young and high-flying female who desperately must find the killer whose murdering women, one-by-one and dubbing them by each month of the year, before she’s next! As always, Penthouse Comics features a bonus photoshoot and editorial!


WriterJean-David Morvan
ArtistGuillem March
Cover ArtistVanesa Del Rey

Savage Red Sonja


Dan Panosian Regular

Release: Feb 14, 2024

Cover: Feb 2024

From the creative mind of Dan Panosian, Unravel a tale of adventure and deception in the next issue of Savage Red Sonja, as your favorite She-Devil with a Sword comes face to face with the irksome Mayor Sem! Will the Slayers of Shadizar finally best her, or will they find themselves the victims of her cunning and strength? Find out more in this exciting fourth issue, and dive deeper into the mystery of Markus, the Pale Witch, and the power of the scepter!


WriterDan Panosian
ArtistAlessio Petillo
Cover ArtistDan Panosian

Something is Killing the Children TP


Release: Feb 14, 2024

Cover: Feb 2024

After narrowly surviving the Duplicitype, Erica Slaughter must still reckon with the murderous Cutter to save Tribulation. Separated from Dolly and driven by rage, Cutter won’t stop until she gets revenge on Erica. But the horror is far from over as the Duplicitype, the infamous monster wearing Erica’s likeness that changed Something is Killing the Children forever, also remains at large and in relentless pursuit! And with Cecilia showing up, will Erica finally find the ally she needs, or is betrayal in the cards? Most importantly, what chance does Erica stand? Collects Something is Killing the Children #31-35.


WriterJames Tynion IV
ArtistWerther Dell’Edera
Cover ArtistWerther Dell’Edera

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