Wednesday Comics

Release: Jul 08, 2009

Cover: Sep 2009


WriterBrian Azzarello, Neil Gaiman, and many others
ArtistKyle Baker, Joe Kubert, and many others
ColoristPaul Mounts, Laura Allred, and many others
LettererRob Leigh, Ken Lopez, and many others
EditorMark Chiarello
Editor in ChiefDan DiDio

Everyone knows – especially anyone who reads the Pull List posts – that Wednesday is New Comic Book Day (NCBD). Wait, everyone doesn’t know that? Well, it is – albeit with an asterisk. But! It’s an asterisk that’s mostly going away.

Lemme ‘splain.

In the early days of the pandemic, Diamond Comics Distributors halted all distribution of new comics. This meant that many New Comic Book Days passed without new comics. In response, DC Comics made deals with two new distributors to ensure that their comics would be available. One side effect of that was that new DC books suddenly became available on Tuesdays rather than Wednesdays.

This marked a major change for a lot of fans, as it meant venturing out from their dark, dank abodes twice a week rather than once, while some others chose not to change their habits. I would have been one of the latter anyway, but in my case the choice was made for me, as my comic shop just continued with their practice of putting out all of the new books on Wednesdays.

And if you were like me, Tuesdays on social media became a bit fraught, as spoilers abounded within the comic-focused crowds.

However, the nature of comics is to eventually return to the status quo, and DC has announced that Wednesday will once again be New Comic Book Day.

In honor of that good news, I wanted to just quickly mention one bold experiment that, unlike moving NCBD to Tuesday, ended too soon, and should be brought back: Wednesday Comics.

Wednesday Comics was a twelve-issue weekly comics anthology featuring an array of talented creators in a unique newspaper format, with each individual story being told a page at a time. It was like reading the Sunday Funnies…but on Wednesday.

And it was all fantastic, and it desperately needs a sequel, and if not now, when? The return to Wednesday comics should herald the return of Wednesday Comics.

At a minimum, there should be a reprint of the hardcover collection – I have the original issues, and the format is fun, but rereading them is kind of a pain once they’ve been folded and bagged and boarded. That’s why this is a Short Box instead of an Unbagging. I didn’t pick up the hardcover when it was new and it’s ab it pricey on the secondhand market. I did, however, find a copy at a price I was willing to pay, so expect to see that in an upcoming Mail Call.

Really, that’s all I wanted to say. Wednesday Comics was great, and should make a return. Especially now.

Born and raised in the sparsely populated Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Jon Maki developed an enduring love for comics at an early age.

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