Amazons Attack, Vol. 2


W. Scott Forbes Variant

Release: Mar 26, 2024

BACK TO THE BEGINNING! The Amazons revisit their roots only to discover a dangerous stone in their history left unturned. What lies in the ruins our heroes find themselves lost in? Will they discover the real culprit behind the attacks and save their people? Find out in this epic finale where the forces of harmony and discord clash!


WriterJosie Campbell
ArtistVasco Georgiev
Cover ArtistW. Scott Forbes

Batman: Dark Age


Michael D. Allred Regular

Release: Mar 26, 2024

Meet Bruce Wayne, Gotham’s favorite delinquent son. In an origin story like no other, witness the boy become a dark knight shaped by a city in turmoil as it marches towards its prophesied doom. Set against the backdrop of actual historical events, Gotham comes alive, filled with the iconic characters who’ve loved and hated Batman over the years like you’ve never seen them before. Spinning out of the Eisner-nominated Superman: Space Age, Mark Russell and Mike Allred return to give audiences a look at Batman as a figure in American history fighting for justice in a world gone mad.


WriterMark Russell
ArtistMichael D. Allred, Michael D. Allred
Cover ArtistMichael D. Allred
ColoristLaura Allred

Conan the Barbarian (Titan Books)


Mike Deodato Jr. Regular

Release: Mar 27, 2024

Titan Comics

BEYOND FLESH. BEYOND DEATH. BEYOND TIME. Conan has traveled far and seen much in his legendary journeys, but nothing he has experienced thus far can prepare him for a quest to lands beyond to answer dark riddles of the past. Unexpected allies await, fierce enemies loom, and the strange power of the Black Stone stirs in THE AGE UNCONQUERED! The triumphant new era of Conan continues in this a brand-new tale of brutal heroic adventure from acclaimed creators Jim Zub (Avengers, Dungeons & Dragons) and Rob de la Torre (Invincible Iron Man, King-Size Conan)!


WriterJim Zub
ArtistDoug Braithwaite
Cover ArtistMike Deodato Jr.

Red Sonja, Vol. 7 (Dynamite Entertainment)


Lucio Parrillo Regular

Release: Mar 27, 2024

Cover: Jun 2024

In this issue: With the barriers between the worlds all but gone, the deathless walk the realm of men. Yet Red Sonja faces challenges far greater than the creatures haunting her journey: Kulan Gath’s rule spreads relentlessly, and the gods – the gods are nowhere to be found. Sung into history by the timeless talents of TORUNN GR NBEKK and WALTER GEOVANI, Red Sonja #9 is presaged by divinely iconic covers from LUCIO PARRILLO, BJORN BARENDS, JOSEPH MICHAEL LINSNER, MEL RUBI, and GRACIE THE COSPLAY LASS!


WriterTorunn Grønbekk
ArtistWalter Geovani
Cover ArtistLucio Parrillo



Tula Lotay Variant

Release: Mar 27, 2024


The new hit series from DSTRLY by BECKY CLOONAN and TULA LOTAY comes to its gripping climax!    The mystery of who killed Harald is finally solved, but is it too late for Ingrid to escape the harrowing clutches of the ethereal and deadly “Shadow Man”? More importantly, does she even WANT to escape, or has her new-found sexual awakening made it impossible to ever return?!    From the masterful minds of Becky Cloonan (BY CHANCE OR PROVIDENCE) and Tula Lotay (BARNSTORMERS) comes an intoxicating blend of history, eroticism, and the supernatural in SOMNA-an evocative masterpiece that draws inspiration from folk-horror staples like Midsommar and The Witch-and will transport readers to a world where passion and spirits intertwine, captivating your senses and leaving you craving more.    For fans of THE WITCH & MIDSOMMAR.


WriterBecky Cloonan
ArtistBecky Cloonan
Cover ArtistTula Lotay

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