Action Comics, Vol. 3


Rafa Sandoval Regular


Michael Walsh Variant

Release: Apr 09, 2024

HOUSE OF BRAINIAC PART ONE! BRAINIAC ATTACKS! Brainiac’s Lobo army invades Metropolis in an action-packed oversized issue! The Super family and all the heroes of Metropolis join the fight, but will they be enough to hold off Brainiac’s lethal and crazed soldiers?! Can Superman and Lex learn what Brainiac is searching for? He’s not bottling Metropolis, so what is he collecting instead?!


WriterJoshua Williamson
ArtistRafa Sandoval
Cover ArtistRafa Sandoval, Michael Walsh
ColoristAlejandro Sánchez
EditorPaul Kaminski

The Bat-Man: First Knight


Marc Aspinall Variant

Monster men continue to terrorize Gotham City, but with the body count rising, the GCPD is no closer to solving the mystery behind these seemingly undead assailants, and the Bat-Man and Gordon are the only ones willing to brave the criminal underworld to crack the case. It’s after a near-death brawl saving the mayor from the monster men that the Bat-Man must face a stark reality…are his fists and willpower enough to save Gotham?


WriterDan Jurgens
ArtistMike Perkins
Cover ArtistMarc Aspinall
Editor in ChiefMarie Javins

The Brave and the Bold, Vol. 1


Facsimile Foil Variant

Cover: Jun 1964

Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad are all invited to come to a town where the teenagers and the adults are in the middle of a dispute. When the villainous Mr. Twister shows up and captures all the town’s kids, the three teen heroes formulate a plan to identify and interrupt the source of the man’s power.


WriterBob Haney
ArtistBruno Premiani
Cover ArtistBruno Premiani
EditorMurray Boltinoff, George Kashdan

Suicide Squad: Dream Team


Eddy Barrows Regular

Release: Apr 09, 2024

Dreamer has made her break from the rest of the Squad, and Amanda Waller is pissed. Who will side with the dream-walking precog, and who will kiss the ring of the DC Universe’s premier control freak? The answers will surprise you (except I think we all pretty much know Bizarro will do something opposite, though, right?) as the Dream Team shatters!


WriterNicole Maines
ArtistEddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira
Cover ArtistEddy Barrows
Cover InkerEber Ferreira
Cover ColoristAdriano Lucas
PencillerEddy Barrows
InkerEber Ferreira
ColoristAdriano Lucas
LettererBecca Carey
EditorPaul Kaminski

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Born and raised in the sparsely populated Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Jon Maki developed an enduring love for comics at an early age.

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