Certificate of (Lack of) Achievement (NSFW)


Present this certificate to any and all deserving recipients at any appropriate time!  Easy to print at home!  Suitable for framing!

Can’t present the certificate in person?  Not a problem!  Simply share this link and encourage the recipients to print out their own copies and fill in the details!

Suggested Recipients:

  • Comment section trolls
  • Donald Drumpf supporters
  • Shitty webcomic creators*
  • People who share stupid bullshit on Facebook without checking snopes.com
  • Anyone who uses the term “sheeple” without a trace of irony
  • Your boss**
  • …and anyone in need of clarification as to whether or not anyone gives a fuck!

(Note:  There will be some overlap between recipients)

*I already have plenty, and for me it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion anyway, so I don’t need any more.  Still, I appreciate you immediately thinking of me.

**Journey Into Mediocrity is not responsible for any loss of employment.  Or punches to the head.