A few different items arrived today, only one of which I was actually expecting.

We’ll get to that one in a bit, but let’s take a look at what arrived first.

A few weeks back I picked up the first issue of latest volume of Money Shot just because I liked the cover, but noted that I intended to tradewait on it as I had for the other volumes.

At that time, I thought there were only two previous volumes, but it turns out that I’d missed the money shot. The third volume of it, anyway.

So, I fixed that.

Money Shot TP #3

Last week I said of Superman #4:

No complaints here. Just solid, straightforward super-action, with beautiful art. Okay, one complaint – my shop didn’t have the Ramona Fradon variant cover. (Look for it in a future Mail Call)

The Pull List For 5.17.23

That future Mail Call has arrived:

Superman Vol. 6 #4F
Ramona Fradon & Sandra Hope Incentive Variant

Finally, the one thing I was expecting isn’t a comic, though it is comics-related.

I had missed seeing that this was available for preorder until I saw an unboxing video on the Sideshow YouTube channel, at which point I decided I should preorder it, especially since I knew I wouldn’t have long to wait given that they’d already done an unboxing video. (I was right; it took under a month.)

Anyway, here’s my 1/6th scale Marvel Studios Black Widow Yelena figure from Hot Toys:

And here she is with her sister Natasha.

And Natasha

And Natasha.

And Natasha.

And Natasha.

And Natasha.

And Natasha.

And Natasha.

And Natasha.

Born and raised in the sparsely populated Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Jon Maki developed an enduring love for comics at an early age.

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