Yes, of course I got some comics in the mail, and of course they’re variants of comics I already own, and of course there are more coming.

That said, when I bought this variant, I did not actually have another copy of the comic.

Conan the Barbarian
#2F – Roberto de la Torre Foil Cover

For whatever reason – I forgot to ask – my comic shop didn’t have the latest issue of Conan last week, but they did, as you would know if you read the most recent Pull List post, have it in this week. For my part, I’d forgotten that there should have been a new issue until I got home. I assumed the shop simply hadn’t gotten it, otherwise it would have been in my box, but just to be on the safe side, I went online and ordered a copy. Most of the variants listed on the site had some warning about having arrived with some kind of production flaw, which is maybe why my shop didn’t have it last week.

Anyway, I ordered a variant that didn’t have that warning.

I’m not sure I would have ordered this variant if I’d been able to get #2 from the shop last week, but I have it now.

As for the next one, well, here are some thoughts from Casually Comics on it:

Clearly, I was one of the “unless you want to” people.

Yes, I’m the sucker they managed to grab cash from, though I didn’t buy multiple copies in hopes of getting all of the different centerfolds. In fact, I didn’t even know about that gimmick until I watched the video. I was mostly interested in the variant covers, which is why I bought three copies of it from the shop last week, and then ordered this one online.

G’nort’s Illustrated Swimsuit Edition
Pablo Villalobos Incentive Variant

As it turns out, the copies I bought last week all had the same centerfold. This one actually has one of the others. I have two more variants on the way, so we’ll see if I get the other centerfolds.

I had actually assumed that this issue was going to either be one of DC’s seasonal anthology books or just a collection of swimsuit covers. I hadn’t anticipated it being a little bit of both, though it only had two stories, and one of them was a reprint.

The timing of the issue also struck me as odd, as the end of summer seems like a strange time to release a swimsuit issue, but DC’s been making a lot of odd choices on that front lately.

Also, it’s kind of a strange thing to see “swimsuit issues” so long after their brief heyday in the ’90s. Of course, one big difference between the ones that pop up these days and the ones from the past is that the modern incarnations are a lot more modest and nowhere near as horny.

Marvel Swimsuit Special #3

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