Today’s Mail Call is just a couple of variants I happened to see online that caught my eye.

I saw the uncolored version of this in a post on Bluesky and opted to see what it looked like in color, as I was curious if the kind of Superman ’78 vibes I got from it would lead the colorist to make her underwear pink…

Superman vol. 6
#11D – Pablo Lobos Villalobos Incentive Variant

…but it turned out that the published version was edited to cover her underwear. Still, I liked it enough to order it anyway.

The version I saw via

After the recent passing of the legendary Ramona Fradon who had just retired at the age of 97, I had to pick up this variant once I saw it.

Wonder Woman vol. 6
#7F – Ramona Fradon Women’s History Month Variant

Of course, I probably would have bought it even if she hadn’t passed, because who doesn’t love a Ramona Fradon cover?

In case you’ve ever wondered why I frequently don’t buy variants at the same time as I buy the main covers, it’s because my shop doesn’t always have all of the variants. Many of them are incentive-based – that is, you have to order so many copies of a given issue in order to get one copy of the variant cover – and the demand just isn’t high enough to justify it. It is, after all, a fairly small shop.

Sometimes it’s because they were already sold out before I got there, as the shop has generally been open for an hour before I get there on Wednesdays.

And sometimes I just don’t notice them.

While I do not currently have any other variants I’m waiting for, there is a very long list of items that have yet to arrive which will soon – and not-so soon in some cases – be making their appearances in future Mail Calls.

Born and raised in the sparsely populated Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Jon Maki developed an enduring love for comics at an early age.

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