Birds of Prey, Vol. 6


Leonardo Romero Regular

Release: Oct 03, 2023

BLACK CANARY’S ALL-NEW TEAM ON THEIR FIRST MISSION! Black Canary has built an all-new team with a very specific and very dangerous first mission: extraction! Their target: [REDACTED]! She’s being held on [REDACTED] and guarded by a battalion of [REDACTED]. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, then we’re explaining it wrong! It’s a terrible mission! And before it can even be launched, the Birds have to gather a few mysterious supplies and see some old familiar faces…that they punch!


WriterKelly Thompson
ArtistLeonardo Romero
Cover ArtistLeonardo Romero
ColoristJordie Bellaire
LettererClayton Cowles
EditorBen Abernathy

DC’s Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun


Alvaro Martinez Bueno Regular

Release: Oct 03, 2023

SKIN-CRAWLING STORIES OF THE DC GHOUL-IVERSE! Written by Ellen Tremiti, John Arcudi, Greg Burnham, Soman Chainani, Adam F. Goldberg and Hans Rodionoff, Christopher Sean and Laneya, Alex Galer, and others Art by Tyler Crook, Shawn McManus, Javier Rodriguez, Pablo M. Collar, Danny Earls, Dexter Soy, and others Superman imprisoned by an unfriendly ghost! Man-Bat versus a werewolf! Mary Marvel and Dr. Psycho crashing a Halloween frat party! Plus: the Question faces horrific crimes of fashion; Robotman wrestles a ghostly glitch; Crush helps Lobo find the perfect costume; and Nightwing and Red Hood spend a frightful night in Bludhaven, co-written by Christopher Sean, the voice of Nightwing from the Gotham Knights video game! The chills will last longer than your candy corn!


WriterSoman Chainani, Hans Rodionoff, Greg Burnham, Laneya, Ellen Trimiti, John Arcudi, Adam F. Goldberg, Alex Galer, Christopher Sean
ArtistJavier Rodriguez, Danny Earls, Shawn McManus, Tyler Crook, Pablo M. Collar, Dexter Soy
Cover ArtistAlvaro Martínez-Bueno

Eerie Archives TP


Release: Oct 04, 2023

Cover: Oct 2023

Now available in an affordable paperback format, Eerie Archives Volume 1 features some of the most acclaimed works of horror, murder, and the macabre in the history of graphic fiction. Eerie, like its killer kin Creepy, features work from many of the grandmasters of comics storytelling, including Frank Frazetta, Al Williamson, Gray Morrow, Alex Toth, Steve Ditko, and others and stories by the legendary Archie Goodwin. Features the ultra-rare Eerie #1, for which only two hundred “ashcan” copies were originally printed!


WriterE. Nelson Bridwell, Otto Binder
ArtistJohn Severin, Gray Morrow
Cover ArtistFrank Frazetta
EditorRoy G. Krenkel

Fire & Ice: Welcome To Smallville


Terry Dodson Regular


Greg Smallwood Variant

Release: Oct 03, 2023

GUEST-STARRING…AMBUSH BUG! What’s a Smallville fight club without any fighters? While Ice discovers the magic of community heroism–no superpowers required–Fire’s latest scheme to restore their former glory brings Ambush Bug(?!) to town, but their violent attempts at viral fame go unnoticed by the world. Could a chance encounter with Smallville’s hottest bartender show Fire the light? Or will the sparks that fly between them burn the town to the ground? It’s Fire we’re talking about, so…probably the latter?


WriterJoanne Starer
ArtistTerry Dodson
Cover ArtistGreg Smallwood

Peacemaker Tries Hard!


Kris Anka Regular

Release: Oct 03, 2023

Peacemaker took on Deathstroke (kinda), Chemo, even the War Wheel, and can now confidently call himself a hero. But with all the death and destruction in his wake, was it all worth it? More importantly, is anyone going to come to his birthday party?


WriterKyle Starks
ArtistSteve Pugh
Cover ArtistKris Anka

The Rocketeer: In the Den of Thieves


Gabriel Rodriguez Regular

Release: Oct 04, 2023

Cliff and Betty, with the aid of the jet pack’s mysterious inventor, are smuggled into Berlin on a desperate attempt to rescue Peevy and try to stop the Nazis from creating a fleet of flying doppelgangers for the German Luftwaffe! But even with the repaired rocket at his disposal, can Cliff overcome Hitler’s war machine and the SS Rocketeer prototype and save Peevy and Betty?!


WriterStephen Mooney
ArtistDavid Messina
Cover ArtistGabriel Rodriguez

Shazam!, Vol. 4


Dan Mora Regular

Release: Oct 03, 2023

MARK WAID AND DAN MORA TURN EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT THE WORLD’S MIGHTIEST MORAL ON ITS HEAD! Shadiness. Hatefulness. Arrogance. Zeal. Anger. Malice. These are the new powers of Shazam–and if Billy doesn’t find a way to get them under control, the lives of everyone around him will be forever destroyed!


WriterMark Waid
ArtistDan Mora
Cover ArtistDan Mora
ColoristDan Mora
EditorTroy Peteri

Vanish TP


Release: Sep 27, 2023

Members of superhero group The Prestige continue to attack Oliver Harrison as his sanity and sobriety hang in the balance. While Oliver’s power grows and he holds his ground, we gain vital insight into the mystic realm of Everkeep and evil Baron Vanish’s past, and future? From DONNY CATES (GOD COUNTRY, Hulk, Thor), RYAN STEGMAN (VENOM, King in Black), JP MAYER (Absolute Carnage, Fantastic Four), SONIA OBACK (Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, Han Solo), and JOHN J. HILL (CROSSOVER, Harley Quinn), the all-star creative team that brought you Venom, comes the second chapter of this brutal-as-hell tale. Collects VANISH #5-8


WriterDonny Cates, Ryan Stegman
ArtistRyan Stegman, Sonia Oback
Cover ArtistRyan Stegman

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