Danger Street


Jorge Fornés Regular

Release: Oct 10, 2023

All the pieces come together as the Commodore finds his new knight, the Creeper, just in time for the Outsiders to storm his castle. Will he survive their wrath? Meanwhile, Lady Cop comes steps closer to solving the mystery of the golden Helmet of Fate as the Dingbats set their plans in motion to resurrect one of their own. And they’re willing to bring down the entire world in the process!


WriterTom King
ArtistJorge Fornés
Cover ArtistJorge Fornés
ColoristDave Stewart
LettererClayton Cowles
EditorBrittany Holzherr
Editor in ChiefMarie Javins

House of Slaughter


Javier Rodriguez Regular

Release: Oct 11, 2023

In the depths of routine, Paris and Tybalt fear that Bait may be losing his edge, and warn that   failure could lead to his loyalty facing scrutiny, all while a new look at Bait’s dysfunctional family-The White Masks-comes to light as he drifts into memories of his origins. As Bait wrestles with the current situation, it also becomes clear that something is shockingly wrong with Nannette…


WriterSam, Johns
ArtistLetizia, Cadonici
Cover ArtistJavier Rodriguez

Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow


Jahnoy Lindsay Regular

Release: Oct 10, 2023

IT’S ALL COME DOWN TO THIS! Conner fights tooth and nail to protect the victims of Dominator X. But when the dust settles, what will it mean for Superboy’s future as a hero?


WriterKenny Porter
ArtistJahnoy Lindsay
Cover ArtistJahnoy Lindsay
ColoristJahnoy Lindsay
LettererLucas Gattoni
EditorAndrew Marino
Editor in ChiefMarie Javins

Superman: Lost


Carlo Pagulayan & Jason Paz Regular

Release: Oct 10, 2023

Superman is confronted with the specter of his own possible future when his way home is blocked by an alternate version of himself. Meanwhile, Lois employs the nuclear option to help Clark out of his malaise by making a deal with the devil–Lex Luthor!


WriterChristopher Priest
ArtistLee Weeks
Cover ArtistCarlo Pagulayan, Jason Paz
PencillerCarlo Pagulayan
InkerJason Paz
ColoristJeromy Cox, Elizabeth Breitweiser
LettererWillie Schubert
EditorBrittany Holzherr
Editor in ChiefMarie Javins

World’s Finest: Teen Titans


Chris Samnee Regular

Release: Oct 10, 2023

BREAKING UP IS SUPER HARD TO DO! America’s sweetest situationship breaks hearts–including Aqualad’s and Wonder Girl’s own!–when Garth realizes a part of him isn’t fully in it with Donna. To heal the wounds, Wally invites Garth and Roy to a sleepover at his folks’ home, where Aqualad opens up about his fluid sexuality. Meanwhile, Mal assists Bumblebee in an unexpected battle, giving him a taste of the Teen Titan he could be…


WriterMark Waid
ArtistEmanuela Lupacchino
Cover ArtistChris Samnee
ColoristJordie Bellaire
LettererSteve Wands
EditorPaul Kaminski
Editor in ChiefMarie Javins

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Born and raised in the sparsely populated Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Jon Maki developed an enduring love for comics at an early age.

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