I’ll admit right up front that this is an aggregated post and not all of this arrived in the mail today. In fact, most of it didn’t.

But it made more sense to lump all of them together rather than make individual posts.

In any case, first up is an omnibus I preordered quite some time ago.

Alpha Flight by John Byrne Omnibus HC

Next is a “freebie” that I didn’t necessarily want – I’m not particularly fond of the Batman Who Laughs – but that I was also unwilling to turn down, given that even though it was free I paid for it. Sort of. It was a gift to me for being a subscriber to DC Universe Infinite Ultra. It was free in that I didn’t have to pay any additional cost, but I only got it because I pay for that subscription.

I was able to choose between this and another book, but the other book the free gift I already got the last time they opted to give me a free gift.

The Batman Who Laughs: The Deluxe Edition
DCUI Exclusive Edition

Next are some variants that, quite frankly, I had forgotten I’d ordered.

Wonder Woman vol. 6
#1N – David Nakayama Exclusive Variant
#1O – David Nakayama Exclusive Virgin Variant

And we close things out with some FacesbyRachie cosplay naughtiness.

Queens of Dixie Preview
#1 – Faces By Rachie Naughty Variant
#1 – Faces By Rachie Booty Variant
#1 – Faces By Rachie Really Naughty Variant

And yes, there will, of course, be additional Mail Call posts in the near future, but that does it for now.

Born and raised in the sparsely populated Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Jon Maki developed an enduring love for comics at an early age.

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