I was part of a crowd that did some funding.

The Art of Arthur Adams

I would say that I’ve been a fan of Arthur Adams since the first time I saw his work, but that’s not entirely true. The first time I saw his art was on the letters page of an issue of Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew, and while I thought it was well done, it didn’t really make me a fan, or even get me to take note of his name. To my mind at the time, he was just another fan, like me, albeit one with more talent.

However, it wasn’t long after that he started getting professional work, and it was his work at Marvel that first caught my eye and at that point, I did become an instant fan.

Some of that early art is included in this collection, along with examples of his other work through the years for DC, Dark Horse, and many other publishers.

It’s a great collection for anyone who, like me, appreciates Adams’s distinctive style.

When backing the project, I pledged at a level that got me some additional items beyond the book itself.

The envelope containing the goodies
A signed print
Additional prints

There are more crowdfunded projects I’ve backed that have yet to ship, and, despite my better judgement, I’m always ordering new (or, more often, old) comics online, so there’s bound to be another Mail Call post soon, but that does it for this one.

Born and raised in the sparsely populated Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Jon Maki developed an enduring love for comics at an early age.

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