Action Comics, Vol. 3


Steve Beach Regular


Carla Cohen Variant

Written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Gene Luen Yang, and Dan Parent As the forces of Norah Stone’s Blue Earth take control of Metropolis, Superman dusts off his Warworld weapons and armors up alongside Steel to take their city back! Can even the House of El defeat this potent new threat? Meanwhile, the shocking true identities of Norah Stone’s mysterious family are revealed, building to a battle royale for the ages! A pivotal issue not to be missed! PLUS: The conclusion to Gene Luen Yang and Viktor Bogdanovic’s New Super-Man of Metropolis, and Dan Parent (Kevin Keller) explores the world of Jon Kent like never before!


WriterPhillip Kennedy Johnson
ArtistRafa Sandoval, Marguerite Sauvage
Cover ArtistSteve Beach, Carla Cohen
PencillerEddy Barrows
InkerEber Ferreira
ColoristMatt Herms

Amazons Attack, Vol. 2


Clayton Henry Regular


Dani Variant

Release: Nov 28, 2023

As rumors of the Amazons’ true nature spread far and wide, our heroes take Manhattan! Turns out the Big Apple isn’t the only apple to worry about as fruits from the Goddess of Discord enter the scene and poison the minds of men. Will our ragtag group of Amazons ever be able to find shelter from the cruel world that prays for their downfall?


WriterJosie Campbell
ArtistVasco Georgiev
Cover ArtistClayton Henry, Dani
ColoristAlex Guimaraes
LettererBecca Carey
EditorBrittany Holzherr

Conan the Barbarian (Titan Books)



Mike Deodato Jr. LCSD Virgin Foil Variant

Titan Books

A BRAND NEW CONAN THE BARBARIAN ARC BEGINS! WARRIOR. THIEF. PIRATE… After adventures on the high seas, CONAN returns to shore to find himself haunted by his memories of BELIT, captain of the Tigress and Queen of the Black Coast. Can a high-stakes heist draw him out of his tortured past, or will it plunge him deeper into the chaos that has always been waiting for him?


WriterJim Zub
ArtistRoberto De La Torre
Cover ArtistMike Deodato Jr.

City Boy


Minkyu Jung Regular

Release: Nov 28, 2023

CITY BOY VERSUS SWAMP THING AND THE ENTIRE NATURAL WORLD ITSELF! After discovering that City Boy’s powers parallel those of Swamp Thing, Cameron isn’t sure if the source of his powers should be trusted and whether he can even do anything about it. The fate of the world relies on what he and only he can do to save it now!


WriterGreg Pak
ArtistMinkyu Jung
Cover ArtistMinkyu Jung
ColoristSebastian Cheng
LettererWes Abbott
EditorJessica Chen

Doom Patrol, Vol. 1



Release: Nov 28, 2023

The World’s Strangest Heroes meet the wildest, weirdest teen tornado: Beast Boy! In Garfield Logan’s first comics appearance, see how he encountered the Doom Patrol and showcased his amazing powers that would prove invaluable in his adventures as a full-fledged member of their team, and later on as a member of the Teen Titans. This issue also contains the Doom Patrol tale The Deadly Sting of the Bug Man.


WriterArnold Drake
ArtistBob Brown
Cover ArtistBob Brown

Power Girl, Vol. 3


Gary Frank Regular


Guillem March Variant

Release: Nov 28, 2023

Looking for answers, Power Girl heads to Superman’s Fortress of Solitude to study up on the mysterious Kryptonian virus sensation sweeping the nation. Turns out…she’s not alone! Something is lurking in the shadows of the Man of Steel’s most secret of headquarters, and it won’t stop its hunt until it’s the last one standing!


WriterLeah Williams
ArtistEduardo Pansica
Cover ArtistGary Frank
PencillerEduardo Pansica
InkerJulio Ferreira
ColoristRomulo Fajardo Jr.
LettererBecca Carey
EditorBrittany Holzherr

Saga HC / TP


Release: Nov 29, 2023

While Hazel and her family fight for scraps to survive, the rich and powerful race to forge new allegiances in the universe’s never-ending war. Romeo & Juliet meets Star Wars in this genre-blending, sci-fi/fantasy space opera about star-crossed lovers from enemy worlds. An epic for mature readers, SAGA follows new parents Marko and Alana as they risk everything to raise their child amidst a never-ending galactic war. A multiple award-winning, critically acclaimed masterpiece and one of the most iconic, bestselling comic book series of its time. The SAGA series has sold over 7 million copies to date across all formats, has been translated into 20 languages, and has garnered multiple Eisner and Harvey Awards, plus a Hugo Award, British Fantasy Award, Goodreads Choice Award, Shuster Award, Inkwell Award, Ringo Award, and more. It has been featured in such mainstream media outlets as TIME, Entertainment Weekly, The Atlantic, NPR, and beyond, and has become a pop culture phenomenon. Collects SAGA #61-66


WriterVaughan, Brian K.
ArtistStaples, Fiona
Cover ArtistFiona, Staples

Savage Red Sonja


Dan Panosian Regular


Cosplay Variant

Release: Nov 29, 2023

Hyboria’s Greatest Warrior continues her journey with the young prince Lucian and his bride Celia, as they seek sanctuary from the desert’s bloodthirsty bandits in a nearby castle. Will they be able to fend off the ruthless horde? And what other horrors lurk in the burning sands, just waiting for their chance to strike? Find out in this second issue of Red Sonja’s most savage adventure to date, from comics superstars DAN PANOSIAN and ALESSIO PETILLO!


WriterDan Panosian
ArtistAlessio Petillo
Cover ArtistDan Panosian



Jon Bogdanove Regular

Release: Nov 28, 2023

THE EPIC FINALE! As a massive mecha battle rages across Metropolis between John Henry Irons and his fierce rival Charles Walker III, the ultimate sacrifice is made to ensure Metropolis’s clean- energy future will live on! Life, death, and a new tomorrow are all in play in this final chapter of Michael Dorn and Sami Basri’s Steelworks saga!


WriterMichael Dorn
ArtistVicente Cifuentes, Sami Basri
Cover ArtistJon Bogdanove

Uncanny X-Men, Vol. 1



Release: Nov 29, 2023

“Days of Future Past” concludes, and the text on the front cover says it all: “This issue: Everybody dies!” In the present day, the X-Men – with the help of the time-traveling Kate Pryde – face off against the newly reconstituted Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in a bid to save the life of pivotal anti-mutant politician, Senator Robert Kelly! And in the dark future from which Kate hails, the few remaining mutants mount a last stand against the robotic Sentinels to stave off nuclear Armageddon! This ultimate time-travel saga established the nightmarish tomorrow awaiting the X-Men and inspired generations of creators to continue challenging the future of Marvel’s mutants! It’s one of the all-time great Marvel comic books, boldly re-presented in its original form, ads and all! Reprinting UNCANNY X-MEN (1981) #142. Rated T


WriterChris Claremont
ArtistJohn Byrne
Cover PencillerJohn Byrne

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