Batman / Santa Claus: Silent Knight


Derrick Chew Variant

Release: Dec 05, 2023

SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN! The four-part crossover event of a generation begins when a not-so-jolly St. Nick hits Gotham City to investigate a brutal crime in the days leading up to Christmas… What manner of man or beast could have committed such atrocities?! With the help of his former student, Batman, Santa will team up with the heroes of the DC Universe to right this wrong–or the world wakes up to coal in their stockings! A brutal, two-fisted holiday tale of hope, wonder, and monster hunting is the perfect treat to ring in the holidays–it’s Claus in canon!


WriterJeff Parker
ArtistMichele Bandini
Cover ArtistDerrick Chew
ColoristAlex Sinclair

Birds of Prey, Vol. 6


Leonardo Romero Regular


Joshua ‘Sway’ Swaby Variant


Chuma Hill Incentive Variant (1:25)

Release: Dec 05, 2023

Chaos reigns as the first mission for the Birds of Prey has (unsurprisingly) gone sideways. Even with the collective battle prowess of her hand-picked team, did Black Canary bring enough firepower to fight their way off Themyscira?!


WriterKelly Thompson
ArtistLeonardo Romero
Cover ArtistLeonardo Romero, Joshua ‘Sway’ Swaby, Chuma Hill

Fire & Ice: Welcome To Smallville


Terry Dodson Regular

Release: Dec 05, 2023

Ice’s worst fears about Fire’s antics are confirmed when a horrifying revelation comes to light, and whatever trust they’d tentatively rebuilt crumbles to dust. And despite Martha Kent’s best attempts to mediate over Smallville’s finest drag brunch, there might be no coming back for what was once the Justice League’s most dynamic duo. (Booster and Beetle who?) Oh, and Lobo shows up hot and bothered to throw down in Fire’s defunct fight club. What could possibly go wrong?


WriterJoanne Starer
ArtistNatacha Bustos
Cover ArtistTerry Dodson

Shazam!, Vol. 4


David Finch Regular

Release: Dec 05, 2023

Meet the Captain! reaches its action-packed finale when Billy is forced to battle the very six gods who give him his magic abilities–a fight he can’t possibly hope to win! Once the dust settles…who will possess the power of Shazam? PLUS: The interdimensional imp Bat-Mite has come to Fawcett City and he’s brought his cousin with him: the Captain’s biggest fan! Meet Shazamite! Then flee in terror before the entire city turns upside down!


WriterMark Waid
ArtistDan Mora
Cover ArtistDan Mora
ColoristDan Mora
LettererArtist Story
EditorTroy Peteri
Editor in ChiefMarie Javins

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Born and raised in the sparsely populated Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Jon Maki developed an enduring love for comics at an early age.

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