I’ve supported so many crowdfunded publications and have so many preorders that I can’t keep track of them and frequently forget about them until I get notified that they’ve shipped.

And then sometimes, as in this case, I forget about them again until they arrive.

Anyway, here’s the latest:

Let Her Be Evil
Cover Variant B

Some info about it:

This 128-page softcover anthology will spotlight seventeen short-story comics of women who do necessary or unnecessary evil; who are ten steps ahead of the self-righteous hero, or who have completely lost the plot; who are ugly and disgusting and wrathful. Author Gillian Flynn put it best when she wrote, “I mourn the lack of female villains—good potent female villains…I’m talking violent, wicked women…Dark sides are important. They should be nurtured like nasty black orchids.” The goal of this anthology is to provide the same narrative space villainess’ male counterpoints enjoy in movies, books, and comics without being explained away by child loss or sexual assault, and to free them of the preconceived notion they should be morally punished for their deeds while we allow male villains to be evil without comment. LET HER BE EVIL matters because women deserve equal representation when it comes to agency in their stories—whether their actions be morally good, gray, or pitch black. 

Editor Cassandra Jones has collected an impressive team of forty-seven writers, artists, and letterers—many of whom have worked for Image, Dark Horse, DC, Boom!, and Marvel, including:

Heather Antos,  Lauren Knight,  Kamila Krol,  James Fenner,  Brent Fisher,  Alison Sampson,  Tango,  Livio Baggio,  Andres Labrada,  Chloe Brailsford,  Adrián Bonilla,  Bree Jordan,  Amy Chase,  Andriy Lukin,  Taylor Esposito,  Mikael Lindeberg,  Rio Burton,  Rafael Pérez Granados,  James Nadiger,  Rebecca Good,  Sarah Navin,  Moe McGonagle,  Chris Anderson,  Malone McDonald,  Thistle Tender,  Tom Lynott,  Cecilia Spen,  Oliver Mertz,  Aubrey Lyn Jeppson,  Maksim Strelkov,  Chris Mole,  Zavana Mattos,  Jeff Eckleberry,  Raymonde Chira,  J. Valerin,  Akira B.,  David Joyce,  Matt Mortal,  Miasmatik Trahan,  Alieha Dryden,  Kevin Carey,  Mike Tjaden,  Y. Sanders,  Samuel Purata,  Angelo Concepcion,  Carly A-F, and Erin Mabee.


Given that there are more things set to arrive than I can keep track of, keep your eyes peeled for the next Mail Call post for whatever it is that happens to land at my door.

Born and raised in the sparsely populated Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Jon Maki developed an enduring love for comics at an early age.

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