What kind of content are you looking for?
What type of content are you looking to produce?  The mission of OpenDoor Comics is to provide a platform that removes the barriers that have traditionally stood in the way of free expression for everyone who has something to say or experiences to share.  We want a wealth of content from as wide a spectrum of creators as possible.  Our values are inclusion, collaboration, and openness, and we want this site’s content to reflect the diversity of the world around us.

How much does it cost?
There is no cost associated with posting your content to OpenDoor Comics.  In the future, OpenDoor Comics will introduce paid tiers of services that go beyond what is currently offered, but posting your content will always be free.

Can I make money?
Yes.  Below are the potential revenue streams for creators.


Every page will feature a space in which ads will be displayed which uniquely identifies the page as an ad unit.
Creators  retain 95% of the advertising revenue generated by their ad unit, with OpenDoor Comics retaining the other 5%. Payouts to the creators will be made on an agreed-upon schedule, whether immediately, monthly, quarterly, or after a certain earning threshold is crossed.
80% of advertising revenue generated by any of the main OpenDoor Comics pages – Home, The Threshold, etc. – will be retained by OpenDoor Comics, with the remaining 20% distributed equally between creators.
Advertising revenue generated by other sites owned and operated by OpenDoor Publishing, LLC, the parent company of OpenDoor Comics, which do not house content from any of the creators at OpenDoor Comics, will be retained entirely by OpenDoor Publishing, LLC.
In the interest of transparency, OpenDoor Comics will provide all creators with the analytics information used for identifying revenue sources in a quarterly report.


There are two sales channels currently available via OpenDoor Comics:  The OpenDoor Comics Shop, which is a Café Press online storefront selling physical merchandise, and Supply Closet, a digital store incorporated into opendoor-comics.com
Creators submitting designs to the OpenDoor Comics Shop will receive 97% of the revenue from sales, with OpenDoor Comics retaining 3%.
Revenue from the sales of OpenDoor Comics-branded merchandise created by OpenDoor Comics directly will be entirely retained by OpenDoor Comics.
The Supply Closet is a store selling digital downloads, primarily consisting of tools and templates for use in illustration and image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop and Manga Studio
Examples include custom brushes, custom layer styles, shapes, page templates, actions, and fonts.
There are two methods by which creators can sell their products via the Supply Closet.

  • The first is by listing/uploading product directly.  Sellers can set their own price and will receive 100% of the revenue; however, OpenDoor Comics will add a 5% processing fee to the price set by the seller.  If you set a price of $5 for a collection of custom brushes, the final sales price will be $5.25. OpenDoor Comics will keep $0.25, and the creator will receive $5.
  • The second is by selling your product to OpenDoor Comics for a negotiated one-time fee that provides OpenDoor Comics with a license to redistribute the product.  No additional payments/royalties will be received by the seller.


If you have applicable skills that you would like to offer as a collaborator with other creators, you can indicate your interest on For Creators form to be added to the index of creators available to be matched with other creators.
Specific payment terms will be negotiated between collaborators, and any content or products published to or sold by OpenDoor Comics will be subject to the revenue terms listed above.
Additional information about the collaborator matching service is provided on the For Collaborators page.  (Note:  If you do not have a comic to post, but wish to be added to the collaborator index, please fill out the form on that page)

What about Patreon, or PayPal donations?
You are welcome to link to your Patreon page, and include a “Donate” button on your site.

How will I get paid?
Lacking other capabilities at this time, the two available options are via PayPal or a check sent by mail.

What do I need to do to post my comics?
Fill out the form on For Creators and create your site.

Once you’ve created your site, contact comics@opendoor-comics.com to verify that your site is legitimate and not spam, and to provide a little bit of information about your comic, and to receive some additional helpful information for getting your comic up-and-running.

What happens when I start posting?
Your comic will be listed in the index of comics posted on OpenDoor Comics, and your comic will be promoted via the OpenDoor Comics social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, and reddit.  As we expand, we will offer additional services, such as creating and managing dedicated social media accounts that are specific to your comic, advertising, sales of printed and eBook collections, and other creative services and promotional activities.

I have a lot of alternatives for publishing my comic.  Why should I choose OpenDoor Comics?
An excellent question, to which, in all honesty, there is no straightforward, logical answer.  The primary benefits of posting your comic here are a bit more on the warm and fuzzy side.  There’s the obvious opportunity for growth – albeit with the inherent risks – of getting involved in the formation of an ambitious start-up, and there’s the opportunity to help shape the community that – hopefully – will form here.  You have the chance to make this your space as much as it is mine.  Further, as OpenDoor Comics grows, there will be new services offered, and new revenue streams.
You can also be assured that OpenDoor Comics – that is to say, I – will be responsive to your needs, and will provide personalized support.  We’re not a big company – there isn’t even a “we” at this point – so you won’t be dealing with some impersonal, faceless entity.  If you need help, just talk to Jon.
Ultimately, what I hope you’ll find most compelling are the Mission, Vision, and Values of OpenDoor Comics, and the chance to make the world of comics a little more open and inclusive.

Please note that the payment terms listed above are subject to change.  No changes will be made without prior notice.