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  • A bit of corporate synergy means that there are spoilers ahead for…

    Young Justice #1Writer: Brian Michael BendisArtist: Patrick GleasonCover: (Superboy Variant) Jorge JimenezRated T+$4.99DC

    “You know, […]

    • Well, this was just a small dose; there are some other sequences that are bit more obnoxious. And honestly, it’s not that bad…yet. But it’s clear (especially given what Bendis has done with some of the dialogue he’s put in the mouth of Bart’s grandfather in Superman and Action) where it can – and likely will – lead.
      But, as with all things, mileage varies, and it took me some time to become allergic to Bendis dialogue.

  • Conan the Barbarian #1Writer: Jason AaronArtist: Mahmud AsrarCover: Esad Ribic$4.99Marvel

    “Know, oh prince, that between the years when the oceans drank Atlantis and the gleaming cities, and the years of […]

  • Maybe I should make a resolution to get better at coming up with inspirational messages in the new year?

    Happy New Year! Here’s to 2019 sucking less than 2018 did! To help make that happens, start holding […]

  • Jon Maki, President and Publisher

    I hope everyone’s holidays are going well so far, and while I mentioned in my last post that I was stepping out of the Spotlight for a bit, I thought I would pop in just to […]

    • Lana Lang dated Vartox.
      That tells you everything you need to know about her.

    • That’s just unverified gossip from that scandal sheet The Daily Tattler. You can’t trust them – they’re actual fake news.
      (In the sense that it’s a fictional newspaper.)

  • Taking a bit of a holiday break and stepping out of the Spotlight.

    See you in the new year, and in the meantime, make your holidays happy and read comics!

  • The fact that, like it or not, it is that season, means there are spoilers ahead for…

    Red Sonja Holiday SpecialWriter: Amy Chu, Erik Burnham, Roy Thomas, Clair NotoArtist: Ricardo Jamie, Frank […]

  • Another week of playing catch-up means that there are spoilers ahead for… The Green Lantern #2Writer: Grant MorrisonArtist: Liam SharpCover: Liam SharpRated T+$3.99DC Before we get started, I can announce the […]

  • The end of an informal moratorium and the early days of a new creative team mean that there are spoilers ahead for…

    Wonder Woman #59Writer: G. Willow WilsonArtist: Cary NordCover: Terry and Rachel D […]

  • A light week at the comic shop means that at long last it’s here – A Very Special™ Spotlight Sunday!

    The New Teen Titans: PlagueWriter: Marv WolfmanArtist: George PerezDC/Keebler Company

    The 1980s are f […]

  • While there were several options to choose from, with the arrival of the end, there are spoilers ahead for…

    Cover A by Nick Derrington

    Cover B by Mitch Gerads

    Mister Miracle #12Writer: Tom KingArtist: M […]

    • Question if the New Gods have died then shouldn’t New New Gods be born just as they were born of the death of the Old Gods?

      • The New Gods weren’t born of the deaths of individual gods. The energies that were released in the final, cataclysmic battle between the old gods destroyed them, then coalesced into New Genesis and Apokolips, upon which the New Gods were born.
        Kirby originally envisioned doing the Fourth World stories at Marvel, and the New Gods would have been the Asgardians reborn after Ragnarok.

  • Yeah, that makes more sense than Trump and Etrigan. Still, my quick glance and misread of a tweet made for a more interesting visual…

    Gone! Gone, the form of – yeah, just go already, will ya?

    I have to […]

  • Hitting the shop several days after New Comic Book Day
    means there are spoilers ahead for…

    The Wicked + The Divine: The Funnies #1Writer: VariousArtist: VariousCover: Jamie McKelvieVariant Cover: Margaux S […]

    • You might be tired of “object backstory” but I’m tired of “heroic psychopaths” so what i’m saying is I stopped reading around volume 3 or 4.

  • The work of Brubaker and Phillips being my drug of choice
    means that there are spoilers ahead for…

    My Heroes HaveAlways Been JunkiesWriter: Ed BrubakerArtist: Sean PhillipsCover: Sean PhillipsRated M […]

  • In another reality, I made a different selection for the Spotlight, and you can ponder the question of what that other reality is like – what this reality might have been like – but in the reality in which I mad […]

    • I agree – now. At the time I read the What If…? I hadn’t actually read the actual Korvac Saga. I have since, but the punch of the What If has still stuck with me.

  • Some good comics this week – and we’ll get to that – but did
    any of the others have Fin Fang Foom? No. No, they did not, so there are
    spoilers ahead for…

    Thor #6Writer: Jason AaronArtist: Christian WardCov […]

    • I do not believe Doom could become the Spirit of Vengeance. Unless He used the powers of the Sorcerer Supreme to force the Spirit to bond with him, which now that I think about it would account for the 1% weakness that allowed Thor + Phoenix to win. So complaint rescinded

  • Okay, so, yeah. No Spotlight today. Sorry.

    I’m just not feeling it, and I have some non-comics-related stuff to deal with today.

    The Spotlight will return next week, and one of these days I’ll get […]

  • There’s a triple helping of Gail Simone this week, along with a Spooktacular special, Superman having only a ghost of a chance of surviving in the Phantom Zone, the second part of a Wonder Woman story that I d […]

  • Wanting to focus on something more lighthearted and fun means
    there are spoilers ahead for…

    Adventures of the Super Sons #3Writer: Peter J. TomasiArtist: Carlo BarberiCover: Dan MoraRated T […]

  • I bought comics.

    These are the comics I bought.

    I might write about one of them tomorrow.

    Take a look.

    From DC

    ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS #3 – The Super Sons find themselves tumbling t […]

  • The passing of a legendary artist and the opportunity to support
    a worthy cause mean that there are spoilers ahead for…

    Heroes In Crisis #1Writer: Tom KingArtist: Clay MannCover: Clay MannVariant Covers: R […]

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