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    Whoops… I registered a while ago and never actually introduced myself. So!

    Hello! I’m Matt. I mostly lurk in the Slacktivist comments, which is where I saw Jon mention this site.

    I’m more of a short fiction writer, but last year I got the bug to make a comic, most likely because I got into reading traditional comics in 2014 and have fallen deeply in love with them. I’ve been dabbling in art off and on since high school, but last year was the first time I really started to take it seriously and put real effort into learning.

    I was originally thinking I’d join up and start posting my comic here, but holy crap it’s a ton of work. Very slow moving at this point because I’m still developing my art skills. I have some other ideas that are better suited to more conventional webcomic formats, so I’ll probably try developing one of those to crank out weekly. That, or I like the idea of working with a writer so at least I can focus on the visual part and let someone else worry about story/dialogue/humor/whatever.