Full disclosure: I actually got these in the mail yesterday. Even fuller disclosure: I got one of them last week.

However, I held off on posting the one from last week, as it was part of a run of issues, but I had to acquire it from a different seller than the others.

Then, when I got the rest yesterday, I held off on posting them because I’d just done a Pull List post.

Anyway, here’s the latest Mail Call.

Dazzler #27-30
Dazzler #31-33
Dazzler #34 and #35

#33 is the one that arrived last week.

A bit ago, I saw some scans of a few pin-up pages from a couple of issues of Dazzler on Twitter and I remembered that I used to have the issues in which they appeared, so I thought I’d see about picking those up.

While browsing, I noticed that those issues featured covers by Bill Sienkiewicz, which is something that I’d forgotten about in the years since those issues disappeared – through whatever means – from my collection. Further, I noticed that he had only a brief cover run for the series, and while I wouldn’t have any particular interest in having a full run of the series, I would be interested in having a full run of his covers for it.

And so here we are.

The remaining item in the Mail Call is this issue of Superman, which I mostly bought because it seems like the sort of thing I should own and it’s actually kind of surprising that I never did.

Superman Vol. 1 #400

Also, there are several pin-ups in this one, too.

The next Mail Call will most likely be for something that I purchased via crowdfunding, but that does it for this one.

Born and raised in the sparsely populated Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Jon Maki developed an enduring love for comics at an early age.

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