Action Comics, Vol. 3


Regular Dan Mora Cover

Release: Jan 24, 2023

ACTION COMICS REBORN! Action Comics #1051 begins a new format for DC’s most action-packed title, offering not one, not two, but three epic adventures of Superman and the entire Super-Family! Following the bombshell events of Action Comics #1050, the world’s relationship with Superman is forever changed, the upper limits of his supercharged powers have yet to be reached, and the House of El’s transformation of Metropolis, led by Steel, has begun. But Lex Luthor has found the perfect instrument with which to undo everything Superman is working to achieve: Metallo, whose hatred of Superman is matched only by his hatred for Luthor himself. Then, in Lois and Clark 2: Doom Rising, Dan Jurgens and Lee Weeks return to tell the tale of young Jon Kent on the farm with his parents, learning about his abilities, coming of age…and battling the Doombreaker?! And finally, Power Girl returns in part one of a three-part story spinning out of Lazarus Planet! This issue marks the first appearance of new characters, new costumes, and a new era of Action Comics! It all starts here!


WriterDan Jurgens | Phillip Kennedy Johnson | Leah Williams
ArtistLee Weeks | Marguerite Sauvage | Rafa Sandoval
ColoristMatt Herms | Elizabeth Breitweiser
Cover ArtistDan Mora
EditorPaul Kaminski
Editor in ChiefMarie Javins

Batman: One Bad Day – Catwoman


Regular Jamie McKelvie Cover

Release: Jan 24, 2023

Selina Kyle, a.k.a. Catwoman, is the greatest thief that Gotham City has ever seen. She’s effortlessly stolen countless items of immense value over the years and successfully evaded the GCPD and Batman. But when Catwoman finds out an item from her past is being sold for way more than it used to be worth, it sends Catwoman into a spiral, and she’ll do everything in her power to steal it back. Batman tries to stop her before she goes too far, and a mysterious figure known as the Forger will change Catwoman’s life forever. The all-star creative team of G. WILLOW WILSON (Poison Ivy, Ms. Marvel) and JAMIE McKELVIE (The Wicked & The Divine, Young Avengers) unite for this epic story!


WriterG. Willow Wilson
ArtistJamie McKelvie
ColoristTamra Bonvillain
Cover ArtistJamie McKelvie
Editor in ChiefMarie Javins

Catwoman, Vol. 5


Regular David Nakayama Cover


Joshua Sway Swaby Variant

Release: Jan 24, 2023

CAT IN A CRATE. Never cage her. Never chain her. Never try and keep her down. After the explosive events in Alleytown…the Cat wants out. But with Selina Kyle locked up while under investigation for murder, there still has to be a Catwoman on the streets of Gotham to keep the mob families behaving under the Cat’s claws…it’s a good thing Eiko Hasigawa has a Catwoman costume in the back of her closet that’s just waiting to be put on again!


WriterTini Howard
ArtistSami Basri
Cover ArtistDavid Nakayama
EditorJessica Chen
Editor in ChiefMarie Javins

DC Horror Presents Sgt. Rock Vs. The Army Of The Dead


Regular Gary Frank Cover

Release: Jan 24, 2023

They’ve blasted their way through impossible scenarios and burned their way through throngs of undead soldiers. But now Sgt. Rock and Easy Company find themselves hot on the trail of an enemy even they may not be able to handle: an über-upgraded, rejuvenation serum-addicted Adolf Hitler.


WriterBruce Campbell
ArtistEduardo Risso
ColoristKristian Rossi
LettererRob Leigh
Cover ArtistGary Frank
Editor in ChiefKatie Kubert

Human Target, Vol. 5


Regular Greg Smallwood Cover

Release: Jan 24, 2023

It’s been 11 days since he was poisoned on a mission that went sideways and Christopher Chance has finally solved his own murder. But is it too late to save himself?! The penultimate chapter to the Eisner-nominated series will leave readers stunned!


WriterTom King
ArtistGreg Smallwood
ColoristGreg Smallwood
Cover ArtistGreg Smallwood
EditorBen Abernathy
Editor in ChiefMarie Javins

Lazarus Planet: We Once Were Gods


Release: Jan 24, 2023

Regular David Marquez & Alejandro Sanchez Cover

After the events of Lazarus Planet, the gods of the Multiverse have decided to take down the heroes they once called champions and the world they’ve sworn to protect. For years the gods sat idle atop their mountains as their legends faded into obscurity along with their bodies. Now is their time to remind the selfish mortals of their existence and take back the world with something more powerful than belief…fear. Only the brave heroes Wonder Woman and Shazam stand in their way, but will their combined powers be enough?


WriterFrancis Manapul | Dan Watters | Phillip Kennedy Johnson | Josie Campbell
ArtistFrancis Manapul | Jack Herbert | Max Dunbar | Caitlin Yarsky
ColoristAlex Guimaraes | Jordie Bellaire | Romulo Fajardo, Jr.
Cover ArtistDavid Marquez | Alejandro Sánchez-Rodriguez
EditorBen Abernathy
Editor in ChiefMarie Javins


Once Upon a Time at The End of The World


Release: Jan 25, 2023

Just as Maceo and Mezzy manage to find a touch of laughter and whimsy in the toxic hellscape they are traveling through, a gruesome encounter changes both of them forever. Even though Mezzy has been able to protect her naive companion so far, there is no shielding him from what comes next… an encounter with the nightmarish WASTELAND RANGERS!

Sandman Universe: Dead Boy Detectives


Regular Nimit Malavia Cover

Release: Jan 24, 2023

Edwin and Charles learn that finding the dame doesn’t always mean closing the case when it turns out their new Thai ghost friends seem to be caught in the crosshairs of some dangerous enemies. Thankfully, the best thing about being a dead boy detective is that it’s not like you can die again…right?


WriterPornsak Pichetshote
ArtistJeff Stokely
Cover ArtistNimit Malavia
EditorChris Conroy
Editor in ChiefMarie Javins

Thor, Vol. 6


Regular Nic Klein Cover

Release: Jan 25, 2023

“THE LEGACY OF THANOS” CONCLUDES! Torunn Gr nbekk and Nic Klein continue their journey into mysterious waters! After chasing Corvus Glaive-the kidnapper of Thor’s baby sister-into a vault that requires the blood of a god to open, Thor and R na find themselves face-to-face with King Bor himself! And…Thanos? What dark, bloody secrets of Asgard’s past lie in this twisting, cryptic story…and what will it reveal about the future of the entire Marvel Universe? Rated T+


WriterTorunn Grønbekk
ArtistNic Klein
ColoristMatt Wilson
LettererJoe Sabino
Cover ArtistNic Klein
EditorWil Moss
Editor in ChiefC.B. Cebulski

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