I told you that you’d be seeing some variant covers for this.

Power Girl vol. 3
#5B – Jeff Spokes Variant
#5C – Rahzzah Variant

I really kind of want to drop the book, but it’s difficult when it has great covers. Then again, because of the great variants, dropping the series would save me more money than just the cost of a single issue…

Oh, and a new thing I’m doing with these posts starting now: If I’m sufficiently pleased with the experience – good price, timely shipping, good packaging – I will highlight the seller, assuming it’s something other than Amazon or whatever.

Anyway, here’s today’s seller: Broken World Comics

Quick turnaround, good packaging, gets a mention.

I’ve got a couple of orders that haven’t shipped yet, and some crowdfunded material, so there’ll be another new Mail Call soon.

Born and raised in the sparsely populated Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Jon Maki developed an enduring love for comics at an early age.

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