UPDATE – 5-17-24 It’s now available for preorder here. Save $9 with the code “10OFF”: It’s been a while since I last posted anything here, as most of my efforts have been focused on Comics Unbagged, but this seemed like a better place for this. After so many years and […]

It took more than two years, but I finally managed to exert some control over my life. Yes, that’s right: all of my comics, trade paperbacks, and hardcovers have been entered into my CLZ database and are all organized and neatly put away. Over the past few days, I built […]

The time those of us who knew him either personally or through his amazing creative output have dreaded has come to pass. George Pérez has died. I don’t have the words to express how much this man meant to me, and will continue to mean to me, but I have […]

While I will be talking about some comics today, and it is Sunday, this isn’t a Spotlight Sunday post. Instead it’s just something of a casual, meandering walk down memory lane inspired by some recent acquisitions, though in one case it’s a reacquisition. I’ve written before – at length – […]

There are always those things you know, tucked away somewhere deep in your brain’s archives that you can’t immediately retrieve but that just pop out of hiding once you’re reminded of it. Some little factoid that you wouldn’t be able to just blurt out on command – or even at […]

It’s not exactly controversial – and is a complete understatement – to say that things in general aren’t really going so great right now. This is as true in my own life as it is for the world at large, and at both levels there is very little over which […]

IT’S NEW COMIC BOOK DAY! I can’t lie – venturing that far out into the world for the first time in a very long time caused a fair amount of anxiety, but…new comics, baby! If you have a local comic shop you can support – and can do so safely […]

Image of a Samsung Smart Watch showing the date May 18, with the text Miracle Monday All Day

On Miracle Monday the spirit of humanity soared free. A good Miracle Monday to you all! I hope you’re celebrating safely and – Wait, you didn’t know that it’s Miracle Monday? You don’t even know what Miracle Monday is? Well, let’s remedy that! To answer the question, we have to […]

We’re one week away from the return of New Comic Book Day! “We are thrilled to tell you today that May 20 is no longer a target but is now the OFFICIAL first on-sale date for our resumed distribution of comics. Game product will also begin to ship that week. […]

It’s the first Saturday in May, and if it were any ordinary first Saturday in May it would also be Free Comic Book Day. But, of course, it is not an ordinary first Saturday in May, and so that joyous occasion has been postponed until an as-yet-to-be-determined date. Still, as […]