No Case Saturday 3.31.18

Showcase Saturdays

Upon my arrival at the comic shop today I was greeted with a sign informing me that their computer system was down.

I didn’t check to see if the sign was written in lamb’s blood, but I’m going to guess that it wasn’t.

Of course, having been raised a Lutheran, I initially likened it less to Passover and more to being like the women who found an empty tomb when they went to anoint the body of Jesus,

I assume the problem with the computer is exacerbated by most of the staff being in DC for Awesome Con.

(Why am I not there as well? Shut up, that’s why.)

In any case, this serves as a reminder that this sort of thing wouldn’t be an issue if I didn’t need to have a full-time job that limits my ability to swing by the comic shop whenever I feel like it because most of you aren’t taking advantage of the many ways in which you can support OpenDoor Comics.

For example, you could become a patron on Patreon, or make a donation via PayPal.

Maybe buy some prints and get yourself something nice(ish) in the process.

Of course, there are other ways to provide support, like visiting often (with your ad blockers off or with the site whitelisted), or creating your own site and posting your own comics, and, of course, by encouraging everyone you know to do any or all of the above.

I’m just saying. There are options.

In any case, enjoy whatever holiday you celebrate, or just generally enjoy your time if you don’t celebrate a holiday, and come back next week for what will be a larger-than-usual Showcase Saturday.

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      1. O come on you’ve had time to read last weeks (or more) trade. And it’s not Like I care about a review being punctual.

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