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Spotlight Sunday 1.6.19

“Know, oh prince, that between the years when the oceans drank Atlantis and the gleaming cities, and the years of the rise of the Sons of Aryas, there was an age undreamed of, when shining kingdoms lay spread across the world, like blue mantles beneath the stars…” The Nemedian Chronicles The “Welcome Back” video at […]

Spotlight Sunday 12.16.18

The fact that, like it or not, it is that season, means there are spoilers ahead for… Red Sonja Holiday SpecialWriter: Amy Chu, Erik Burnham, Roy Thomas, Clair NotoArtist: Ricardo Jamie, Frank ThorneCover: Leonardo RomeroRated Teen+$4.99Dynamite “This time of year, people try a little harder to help others. Peace on earth, good will towards all, […]

Spotlight Sunday 12.9.18

Another week of playing catch-up means that there are spoilers ahead for… The Green Lantern #2Writer: Grant MorrisonArtist: Liam SharpCover: Liam SharpRated T+$3.99DC Before we get started, I can announce the selection of a winner of the first (and only) OpenDoor Comics Peer Pressure Prize Sweepstakes. Congratulations to Seed of Bismuth! Thanks to everyone who […]

Spotlight Sunday 12.2.18

The end of an informal moratorium and the early days of a new creative team mean that there are spoilers ahead for… Wonder Woman #59Writer: G. Willow WilsonArtist: Cary NordCover: Terry and Rachel DodsonRated T$3.99DC  “He? Who said anything about a he?” Back when the comic featured in the Spotlight was selected by the votes […]

Spotlight Sunday 11.25.18

A light week at the comic shop means that at long last it’s here – A Very Special™ Spotlight Sunday! The New Teen Titans: PlagueWriter: Marv WolfmanArtist: George PerezDC/Keebler Company The 1980s are famously associated with a lot of cultural trends. Parachute pants! Breakdancing! Shoulder pads! Big hair! Alongside all of those artifacts of that […]

Spotlight Sunday 11.18.18

While there were several options to choose from, with the arrival of the end, there are spoilers ahead for… Mister Miracle #12Writer: Tom KingArtist: Mitch GeradsCover: Nick DerringtonVariant Cover: Mitch GeradsRated M$3.99DC “I can always escape.” I meant to get around to taking a look at Plastic Man upon the arrival of its final issue, […]

Spotlight Sunday 11.11.18

Hitting the shop several days after New Comic Book Day means there are spoilers ahead for… The Wicked + The Divine: The Funnies #1Writer: VariousArtist: VariousCover: Jamie McKelvieVariant Cover: Margaux SaltelRated M$3.99Image “We also asked Chip.” If things had gone according to plan, you’d most likely be reading about The Green Lantern #1 by Grant […]

Spotlight Sunday 11.4.18

The work of Brubaker and Phillips being my drug of choice means that there are spoilers ahead for… My Heroes HaveAlways Been JunkiesWriter: Ed BrubakerArtist: Sean PhillipsCover: Sean PhillipsRated M$16.99Image “I mean, what young lovers don’t secretly want this? Tojust be bandits on some lost highway…running until it all burns down?” I’ve gotten off to […]