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Spotlight Sunday 2.17.19

The fact that you can’t judge a book by its cover means that there are spoilers ahead for… “I do hope you didn’t kill the Dwarves. I’m running low on hammers.” I hadn’t wanted to tackle another issue of Thor so soon, given how frequently the Spotlight shines on it – if I’m honest, I […]

Spotlight Sunday 2.10.19

There was a lot to choose from this week, but the publication of a “lost” story means that there are spoilers ahead for… “I was wrong. Ma and Pa were wrong. I can’t do this.” Back in the Aughts, DC published a series called Superman Confidential, featuring story arcs by different creative teams that focused on […]

Spotlight Sunday 2.3.19

The fact that I’ve got “Thunderstruck” stuck in my head means that there are spoilers ahead for… “The continued existence of people is the only hope for something other than your culture.” I don’t recall a time in my life in which I saw comics published by Charlton being sold individually on store shelves or […]

Spotlight Sunday 1.27.19

I can’t spoil “The Biggest New Mystery in the DC Universe,” as it’s only the first issue so we don’t know what the mystery is, but there are spoilers ahead for… “Actually, yeah.” I was as uncertain about what would be in the Spotlight this week as I was about picking up the first issue […]

Spotlight Sunday 1.20.19

While there were some good books in my stack this week, I have to admit that nothing really jumped out at me as Spotlight material. There was, however, some significant industry news this past week, and so I decided to do a little something different, so today the Spotlight shines on… In a recent post […]

Spotlight Sunday 1.13.19

A bit of corporate synergy means that there are spoilers ahead for… “You know, I’ll take that sass from just about anyone else in my life…but not from Zeus’ granddaughter!” One of the things I was most eagerly anticipating in 2019 was the return of Young Justice. The animated series, that is. After years of demand […]

Spotlight Sunday 1.6.19

“Know, oh prince, that between the years when the oceans drank Atlantis and the gleaming cities, and the years of the rise of the Sons of Aryas, there was an age undreamed of, when shining kingdoms lay spread across the world, like blue mantles beneath the stars…” The Nemedian Chronicles The “Welcome Back” video at […]

Spotlight Sunday 12.16.18

The fact that, like it or not, it is that season, means there are spoilers ahead for… Red Sonja Holiday SpecialWriter: Amy Chu, Erik Burnham, Roy Thomas, Clair NotoArtist: Ricardo Jamie, Frank ThorneCover: Leonardo RomeroRated Teen+$4.99Dynamite “This time of year, people try a little harder to help others. Peace on earth, good will towards all, […]