Jon Maki, President and Publisher
Jon Maki, President and Publisher

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I had to make some behind-the-scenes changes with the OpenDoor Comics site.  Anyone who visited the site before and after the changes would no doubt have noticed that the site looked quite a bit different as a result.

When I initially launched the OpenDoor Comics site I went with Squarespace as my hosting and content management solution, based on a lot of positive feedback I’d heard and read about their service, and I have to say that, initially, I was quite pleased.  It was a very clean and easy-to-use system.

I signed up with Squarespace operating on the assumption that at some point, particularly if/when the site begins to expand, I would need to move to a more robust – and complex – system.  I had hoped that day was a little further down the road, and would come at a time during which I could afford to bring on some staff (or freelancers) to engage in some development work and build a customized content management system.

Unfortunately, that day came much sooner than anticipated, as I discovered that in its current iteration Squarespace can’t actually provide some of the essential features I require just to get things started.  And so I had to move to a different hosting and content management solution.

Fortunately, the process wasn’t too painful, and I’ve got the functionality that I need, though there is still a bit of a learning curve ahead for me with the new system.

To be clear, I am in no way finding fault with Squarespace or their product offerings.  It’s a very good service, and provides an ideal platform for hosting sites that are perhaps a bit less ambitious than this one.  It really is very easy to use and it makes it possible to build a beautiful, responsive site in no time at all.  So on that front, I highly recommend Squarespace for users whose requirements are a bit more straightforward than mine.

In any case, now that OpenDoor Comics has found a new home, I’ve created some new pages  – Creator FAQ and For Collaborators – that provide some details about the opportunities available for anyone interested in helping OpenDoor Comics fulfill its mission.

For those of you who are interested in helping OpenDoor Comics fulfill its mission through less creative means, you can follow @OpenDoor_Comics on Twitter, like our Facebook page, follow us on Google+ and Tumblr, disable your ad blockers, buy some products from the OpenDoor Comics Shop, spread the word through your own social media accounts, leave comments with suggestions and feedback, and/or click on the “Donate” button to help with funding the mission.

And, of course, just remember that the door is open and you’re welcome to come in.


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