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Jon Maki, President and Publisher
Jon Maki, President and Publisher

While the work on getting the site comfortable in its new house continues, and I continue the efforts to develop it further and turn this house into a home, I wanted to share a link to an interesting – and hopeful – article on Comics Alliance.

For Second Year In A Row, Female Readers Are A Growing Market

One quote in particular very neatly encapsulates the reason I decided to launch OpenDoor Comics in the first place.

This is exciting news, and along with the top selling books at retailers, it points to an increasing diversification of the comics industry. A wider variety of books are selling and a wider variety of creators are succeeding at levels that just weren’t possible a few years ago. It becomes a delightful oroboros [sic] of new reader demographics supporting books that appeal to those demographics, which bring in more new readers, who support more books that appeal to them.

That’s it in a nutshell.  Let’s help keep comics growing and gaining new readers.

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