Of Course 2: Electric Boogaloo

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Some kind of change to the plugin I use to aggregate the info that turns into posts on The Spinner Rack caused some of the posts that should have gone there to get posted here.

After discovering the error, and confirming that it didn’t appear to be happening anymore, I deleted the posts.

Of course, when they were posted, the plugin that publicizes posts auto-tweeted links to the posts, and some of those tweets got retweeted.

So I restored the posts and put in a note explaining that this isn’t normally the place for those, and directing readers to The Spinner Rack.

It is, as they say, always something…

Then again, if it were possible for me to work on this site (and the sub-sites) full-time, I might have caught the issue sooner.

Just food for thought, as you consider that…

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