ANNUAL REPORT20221-800-GAIL-BEAR TO OUR AUDIENCE Strategic Highlights In the chaotic and turbulent environment that Twitter has become since being purchased by store-brand Tony Stark who seems to be doing his best to destroy the platform, Gail Simone has managed to thrive, as chaos is her natural habitat. And Elon is […]

Of Course

OpenDoor Comics, The Future
The "I don't know what I expected" meme of Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman) capture from the TV series Arrested Development.

I left the poll for naming the new sub-site that will replace Spotlight Sunday open through Election Day here in the US, and the results of that should not surprise anyone. Very few votes resulting in a tie. Yep, that checks out. I could do another poll to try to […]

As an addendum to yesterday’s post, I should mention that the existing Spotlight Sunday posts aren’t going anywhere. The only real change that’s happening is that there will be no new posts, and that all similar posts will appear on the yet-to-be-named site that will serve as their new home. […]

As mentioned in my final Spotlight Sunday post months ago, I’m planning to launch a new site here at OpenDoor Comics that serves as a dedicated location for those kinds of posts, and I noted that the first hurdle is coming up with a name for it. I also asked […]

ANNUAL REPORT 20211-800-GAIL-BEAR TO OUR AUDIENCE Strategic Highlights The “What Did Gail Do Now?” (1-800-GAIL-BEAR) site was launched in Q3 of 2021 to hold Gail Simone – writer, trickster god, and bear pretending to be a redheaded human woman – accountable, to the extent that it is possible, for the […]

Six years ago, finding myself in a set of circumstances – both personal and professional – that could be viewed as either a challenge or an opportunity, I decided to pursue thinking of it all as the latter, and began weighing my options. It was that options-weighing that ultimately led […]

It’s not the Spotlight, and I’m beginning to think that the Spotlight may never shine again, frankly, but it is Sunday, and I though I should pop in and say something, or rather, a few somethings. I was excited to learn that one of the favorite writers here at OpenDoor […]