OpenDoor Comics Added A New Site. What Happened Next Will SHOCK You!

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…or maybe it won’t, because what happened next was that a bunch of spammers left comments because that’s what they do.

BUT!  If spammers are paying attention to the site, maybe they know something you don’t.  Do you want those lousy spammers to keep one-upping you?  Of course you don’t!

So who are you to say no?  Someone who’s no better than a common spambot?  Check out Napkin Comics!

Napkin Comics

What the heck are Napkin Comics, you ask?  Unsurprisingly, they’re comics.  On napkins.

Or on whiteboards, or chalkboards, or the backs of place mats, or on whatever medium happens to be handy when the urge to doodle a quick comic strikes.

Once you’ve created your Napkin Masterpiece, why not share it with the world?

Snap a picture, fire it off in an e-mail to and indicate how/if you would like to be identified,  Once your Napkin Masterpiece has been posted, you’ll get a link to the post that you can share on your Twitterbooks and Snapfaces.

Eventually, of course, the process will be simplified and automated through one of those apps that kids are always talking about (Note:  If you’re an app developer interested in developing such an app, drop me a line.), but for right now, we’re sticking with a slightly lower-tech process.

In any case, like Liz Phair says, “Sometimes all you need is a napkin.”

As a reminder, if you’re interested in contributing something a little more complex than napkin-based art, you can always register with ODC and create your own comic site.*

*Once again, the spammers are way ahead of you in that regard.  Man, they’re just leaving you in the dust, aren’t they?  But one day, hopefully very soon, you’ll show them.  You’ll show them all!  Bwahahahahahaahaha!  *Cough*  Sorry about that.


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