Showcase Saturday 5.26.18

Showcase Saturdays

It’s Saturday. I’ve been to the comic shop. This is what I bought.

I may write about one of these tomorrow, or I may write about some other comic entirely.

So you know what I got, but you don’t necessarily know what you’re going to get.

Let’s take a look.

From DC:

BATMAN BEYOND #20 – “Target: Batman” part one! After his first outing as a vigilante, Matt is hungry for another chance to prove himself, but Bruce and Terry butt heads over what’s next for Matt. Will Terry shut his brother down for good, or will the original Batman succeed in training him to become the latest Robin? Meanwhile, a hostage crisis turns deadly, and Commissioner Barbara Gordon has to sort out why the Jokerz are resorting to far more violent and extreme measures than ever before.

SUPER SONS #16 – “END OF INNOCENCE” part two! The epic battle between the Super Sons and Kid Amazo crashes to a close, and Superboy and Robin must decide how to pick up the pieces of the disastrous Amazo Project. The Super Sons face tomorrow in this latest chapter of their journey together!



THE TERRIFICS #4 – “THE GIRL FROM BGZTL”! Return with the Terrifics to the Phantom World! As our heroes continue their trek through the multiverse (dark or otherwise) to find a cure for the condition that binds them together, their journey brings them to the home planet of Phantom Girl. This is one tearful reunion you do not want to miss! Plus, a giant space squid attacks! That’s right, a giant space squid!

WONDER WOMAN #47 – “The Dark Gods” part two! Wonder Woman seeks answers from the Greek pantheon about the strange new beings barreling towards Earth —but can she convince her creators not to abandon their creation?

From Dynamite:

BARBARELLA #6 – The great R.U.S.T. rush has pitted Barbarella against fellow prospectors, the Glain family as the old west meets the final frontier (and please, no “Cowboys and Aliens jokes)! With an inconceivable fortune at stake the fighting is getting dirty, and Barbarella finds herself on the defensive in a maze where time and space have no meaning! But the heart of the maze is stranger still…



That does it for the Showcase. Will any of these books make it into the Spotlight? Does the fact that I’m asking that question at all hint at the answer? Come back tomorrow and find out!

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