Showcase Saturday 2.24.18

Showcase Saturdays

Weigh In Wednesday is dead…long* live Showcase Saturday!

I haven’t actually started working yet, but I decided to forge ahead with the new direction that will be forced upon me once I do start working, which means that I’ll likely do my comic shopping on Saturday mornings. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for voting, especially given that in the future these posts won’t appear until a bit later in the day, but I thought it might be worthwhile to at least let you know what I bought.

After all, while not that many people ever viewed the Weigh In posts at all, of the small number who did, most simply looked without voting.

This way you at least get some idea of what I’ll be choosing from when I decide what to  write about in my Spotlight Sunday post.

You can’t directly weigh in on what it will be, but you can make a guess, leave a request (which I may or may not pay any attention to) in the comments, or place your bets as to what you think I’ll choose.

If no one wants to wager with you, you can place a bet with yourself/the Universe. If you win, you get to read a post about the comic you thought would win. If you lose, you get to read a post about a comic you didn’t think would win. Either way, come back tomorrow and read what I write!

(I’ll mix in some cover images with the text if I think the comic has a cool cover, but opted not to select it as the Featured Image. Liam Sharp’s The Brave and the Bold cover is fantastic, and Ben Caldwell’s cover for Red Sonja is pretty great, but how could I not go with an Alex Ross cover? Answer: I couldn’t. This isn’t intended as a slight to the covers of the comics that don’t have an image with them, it’s just that I’ve decided to focus on the standouts. You can see the covers, and more information about the comics, by clicking on the comics’ titles.)

In the Showcase this week we have…

From DC:

“Mother’s Day” part one! Talia al Ghul returns for her son Damian, whom she trained from birth to be an assassin. With the evil in Robin’s past finally revealed to Superboy, it might be too much for the Sons’ partnership to survive…especially when the boys find out her next victim is one of the most important people in their lives!

“SUICIDE PLANET” part two! Superman and Superboy battle the alien extremists of a world on the brink of disaster in the hope of saving them from themselves!

Lex Luthor is the most powerful man in Metropolis. So what’s next on his horizon? The White House, naturally! It was only a matter of time before billionaire Lex Luthor ran for the highest office in the land. And besides bringing him victory, Luthor’s campaign for the presidency is calculated to bring maximum grief to the Man of Steel. This title collects SECRET FILES: PRESIDENT LUTHOR #1, SUPERMAN #162-163, SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL #110, SUPERMAN: LEX 2000 #1, LEX LUTHOR: THE UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY #1, plus content from ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #581 and #586, SUPERMAN #164-165 and SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL #108-109.

Don’t miss the start of a new, six-issue miniseries written and illustrated by Liam Sharp (WONDER WOMAN)! When a Celtic god’s murder leads to a war between the fairy folk and a possible breach between worlds, Wonder Woman must find the murderer and keep the peace while Batman investigates strange occurrences in Gotham City. As Diana must turn to the World’s Greatest Detective for help, the two heroes quickly learn their cases may be connected.

The final battle is here! Diana has regained her sense of self—and with her mind and memory intact, she’s an unstoppable force. Conan believed her to be his lost childhood love, and the revelation of her true destiny does nothing to lessen his admiration for the warrior he fights beside. The Corvidae may live to regret their wager. Copublished with Dark Horse.

From Marvel:

Mighty Thor #704
Jane’s cancer has taken a turn for the worse. But while she faces the enemy of her body…The Mangog ravages Asgardia! Odin and his son unite to take on the Ultimate Judgment. But without their mightiest warrior, the time of gods may come to an end. The Death of the Mighty Thor is coming. Will the world survive it?

From Image:

“FIVE-FINGERED DISCOUNT,” Part Two Ghosts! Ghoooooooosts! Okay, not literally. But still. Suzie and Jon find themselves haunted by their pasts, in different ways, for different reasons. Also: Ana, too. And Doc. And Kegel. DANG!

From Dynamite:

Red Sonja and her time traveling companion Professor Wallace take a wrong turn on their way back to the Hyborian Age, and now they find themselves in…Hell. Can the She-Devil fight her way back out? Or is this where they finally belong?




From Heavy Metal:

Heavy Metal’s legendary character finally gets her own ongoing series courtesy of writer, Alex de Campi (No Mercy, Sem-iauto Magic) and artist Esau Escorza (The Door) delivering another tale of the immortal warrior’s quest to avenge injustice. Alex Ross provides two beautiful cover selections, launching this character into her greatest adventure – Comics!

That does it for the first-ever Showcase Saturday. Be sure to come back tomorrow to see what the Spotlight shines on!

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*Or, you know, at least until I get sick of doing it.

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  1. While I’d prefer you review Brave and the Bold. I’m going to wager your going to read Sex Criminals just because I don’t think it ever won the Poll.

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