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A Start

A Start

Six years ago, finding myself in a set of circumstances – both personal and professional – that could be viewed as either a challenge or an opportunity, I decided to pursue thinking of it all as the latter, and began weighing my options. It was that options-weighing that ultimately led to the creation of OpenDoor […]

Spotlight Sunday 3.10.19

An additional data point in favor of my long-held theory means that there are spoilers ahead for… “Come, you ignorant beast! Try and kill me so I can live again!” I was reluctant, as per my nebulous rules for writing about comics, to tackle an issue of Conan again so soon, but this issue provides […]

Sellout Sunday 2.4.18

Because I didn’t buy any comics* this week, there was no Weigh In this past Wednesday. As I’ve mentioned a few times, this might be the sign of things to come, as I was getting closer and closer, after nearly a year out of it, to re-entering the workforce. Well, that possibility has become reality and […]