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I know that in this timeless limbo in which we find ourselves people sometimes need a reminder of what day it is, so I’ll take this opportunity to point out that it’s Saturday.

On this Saturday, I thought I would also provide something else that people need: good news!

First up: Yesterday, multiple outlets reported that DC Comics will resume distribution of some comics on April 28th, after working out deals with alternative distribution companies.

This is big – and good – news beyond the immediate impact, as ideally it’s a harbinger of changes to come in the post-pandemic world, bringing an end to Diamond’s dominance of comics-distribution.

“To assist with the immediate distribution of DC titles during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, we’ve secured the assistance of two distributors to help facilitate orders of and shipping of our revised publishing schedule,” DC told retailers in an email Friday afternoon. “Lunar Distribution and UCS Comic Distributors have agreed to work with us to distribute these new comics.”

Newsarama, “Inside DC’s New Print Distribution Plan (And The New Distributors Involved)”

More information about which comics will be distributed and the shipping schedule is available at the DC Comics blog.

Speaking of Diamond, they have announced that they plan to resume distribution in mid-May or late-May, which is also good – if slightly-more distant – news.

In other good news, all three issues of Superman Smashes the Klan are being collected in a single volume.

It’s one of the very best Superman stories I’ve ever read in all my decades of reading Superman stories, and I can’t recommend it enough.

Check out the trailer.

And in additional Superman news, DC has also released a deluxe hardcover edition of Superman: Up In The Sky, written by OpenDoor Comics-favorite Tom King, with art by the great Andy Kubert. This is another all-time greatest Superman story, which originally appeared in the pages of the Walmart-exclusive Superman 100-Page GIANT, and was then reprinted as a mini-series. Now it’s collected as a single volume, and it’s well-worth your time.

Pick it up while you wait for new comics from DC to begin shipping.

And finally, #Creators4Comics is still going strong, with lots of amazing items being auctioned off by a lot of amazing creators to help keep comic shops running while we wait for the best news that will be the resumption of full distribution.

There is now a dedicated site for the hashtag, which also allows you to make a donation without bidding in an auction, and an official Twitter account.

Surprising no one, Gail Simone has really stepped up to make some amazing offers. And she’s brought friends.

For example, Mulan.

The auctions run until noon Eastern on April 20th.

In any case, as mentioned, I thought that people could use a reminder that it’s Saturday, and could do with some good news for a change.

Stay safe, everyone, and remember to share good news – even if it’s not about comics – whenever you find it.


When I wrote this, I hadn’t remembered – at least consciously – that it was 82 years ago today that Superman first burst on the scene in Action Comics #1. Maybe I subconsciously remembered and that’s why I included so much stuff about the Man of Steel.

Or maybe it was just that I was focusing on good things, and what’s better than Superman? Nothing*, that’s what.

*Except maybe Lois Lane.


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