I’m Sorry

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Jon Maki, President and Publisher
Jon Maki, President and Publisher

Deciding that it was past time that someone start posting some comics on a platform intended to host, you know, comics, I took it upon myself to create a comic and post it.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry because it’s not very good, and because that’s not what OpenDoor Comics is about; I didn’t create this site for me to post my own comics.  Well, I didn’t create it just for that.  I did plan to start posting some of my own content someday – ideally with the assistance of a collaborator – and when that day came it would be something better than what I just posted.

But if I were only interested in posting my own content, I wouldn’t have put as much effort in building this platform, or at least clearing the space and laying the foundation for a platform, as I have.  I had a long-running blog, after all, and could have just as easily posted comics there.

I’m also sorry because I clearly haven’t done enough to entice talented creators to want to sign up and begin posting their comics here, and that means that the few people who stop by every once in a while aren’t seeing the great comics that they could be seeing.

But, despite the low quality of the cheesy joke comic, I’m also not sorry, because the reason I decided to post something of my own was to test the process of creating a new site, setting it up, and posting to it.  In those terms, my lousy comic was a success, as the process was relatively quick and painless.

In the future, that process will get simplified and automated, once I throw some resources into developing site features based on user feedback, but it’s good to know that, in the meantime, if someone does sign up, I can get them up-an-running pretty quickly.

And I’m also not sorry, because I’m viewing it as a bit of gauntlet-throwing.  I posted a crappy comic.  I’m willing to bet that you can do something better.  In fact, I almost guarantee it.


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