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Jon Maki, President and Publisher
Jon Maki, President and Publisher

…well, not for rent, but I’m not sure that saying “This Space For Free” would make much sense.  Not without some additional context, at any rate.  So here I am, providing some additional context.

What do I mean by “This Space For Free,” you ask?  Exactly that.  This space right here?  Free.

Less flippantly, I’ve been doing a lot of yammering here, which, it is my site, and this is my dedicated “Stan’s Soapbox” corner of it, so that’s only to be expected, I should think.  BUT!  As I mentioned in the Media Kit, this site, and the idea behind it, are not about me.

Another thing I mentioned in the Media Kit is that I’m interested in providing this space to guest posters who have something to say on the topic of comics, diversity, and inclusion.  Comics pros, comics fans – it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, if you have something to say, I’m willing to give you my “soapbox” to stand on.

And that’s the point of this post, and the message behind “This Space For Free.”

I’m looking forward to some occasions on which the face up in the corner is not mine – assuming you want to have your picture appear, of course – and the content of the post isn’t from me.

So if you or someone you know is interested in utilizing this free space, drop me a line at


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    1. Are you not seeing the links? I’m looking at them right now. Well, not right now – I’d have to scroll up to see them – but I was just looking at them.
      They don’t show up on the post landing page, but you should seem them under the individual comments.

    1. *Gasp!* Ad-blocking software? Why don’t you just come to my house and take money right out of my wallet?
      (More seriously, for anyone reading this, I won’t harp on the subject, but please consider allowing ads on this site. I will always do my best to keep the ads as unobtrusive as possible, and to avoid the performance-clogging scripts and page covering “Like us on Facebook!” or “Subscribe to my newsletter!” stuff.)

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