Spring Cleaning (And Other Stuff)

OpenDoor Comics, The Future

Given that it got even less traffic than the other sites on here, and that it did even less to serve its intended purpose, I decided to do some spring cleaning and deleted The Spinner Rack site.

And because I’m me, I temporarily took everything down in the process. Oops! The fortunate(?) thing is that there’s no chance that anyone – other than the spambots, maybe – even noticed that it was down. #LaughingThroughTears

I still have a lot of ideas about what I’d like to do with a Spinner Rack-like site, but as with everything else involving OpenDoor Comics, having ideas is really, really far from being able to actually make them into reality…

As I build up the motivation, I’ll go through and edit out links to The Spinner Rack in any of my posts, but that will have to wait for another spring day.

In the coming weeks, I’ll also be cleaning up the main site in various ways. Reorganizing, possibly changing the overall look, rewriting some of the pages, deleting some things, such as the prints available for sale, and just generally reassessing everything about OpenDoor Comics and what I hope to accomplish after seven years of – let’s face it – complete and utter failure.

I may also delete the Wargod: Worldtamer site while I work on building the motivation to work on Book Two, with the eventual goal of building a (better) site to house both books. So if you have any interest in reading it, now is the time if you want to do it for free, though you can, of course, pay a considerably-less-than princely sum to download a PDF copy.

And to be clear, when it comes to OpenDoor Comics, I don’t seem to know when to quit, so it won’t be going away anytime soon. In the coming weeks, you’ll at least see some new Spotlight Sunday posts, which will include some additional PSA comics.

That said, domain name and hosting auto-renewals are coming soon, and they are not cheap, so I’d just like to remind you that…

Supporting OpenDoor Comicsis a thing you can do, by whitelisting the site in your ad blocker, by purchasing something from the OpenDoor Comics Shop, by creating your own comics on the OpenDoor Comics platform, or through directly giving money via Patreon or PayPal.

On a different note, after years of being out of print, thanks to the efforts of many dedicated people at DC, Marvel, and Hero Initiative, a new edition of the classic JLA/Avengers recently hit comic shops everywhere as a tribute to the great George Pérez, who recently announced that his time among us is short after a diagnosis of inoperable pancreatic cancer.

Only 7,000 copies were made available, and I was fortunate enough to be one of the 7,000 who picked one up.

While I will be happily holding on to my copy for as long as I’m around, on Twitter, Aaron Meyers ultimately raised $1,500 dollars by auctioning off a copy, and also doing some spring cleaning of his own with his massive collection of comics.

As I consider what a loss it will be for the world when George Pérez passes, it’s things like this that remind me what a blessing his memory will be.


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