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Spotlight Sunday 7.7.18

The return of a certain Ace reporter to her own title after a too-long absence means that there is a temporary return of the Spotlight and spoilers ahead for… “Espionage and investigative journalism have a lot in common. More than just the hours.” I remain annoyed that last year DC didn’t do anything to acknowledge […]

Post-Con Check-In

The last post mentioned that your humble (only because I’ve been humbled so many times) President and Publisher was going to be attending a convention. Since that time, the convention-attending has occurred, so I thought that I’d just pop in quickly and talk about it a bit. There is a lot I could say about […]

Some Kind of Sunday

It’s not the Spotlight, and I’m beginning to think that the Spotlight may never shine again, frankly, but it is Sunday, and I though I should pop in and say something, or rather, a few somethings. I was excited to learn that one of the favorite writers here at OpenDoor Comics recently landed an exciting […]



On Twitter, as he is wont to do, Alex Segura has started a discussion related to comics. Who was your first #comicssupporter – the person that helped you go from casual to serious fan? For me, it was my dad – who bought me my first new/off the rack comic, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #348. I’d read […]

Spotlight Sunday (Kind Of) 5.12.19

The Spotlight isn’t back, exactly – I’m still mulling some options – but I have a thing I want to talk about, and today is Sunday, so…call it Flashlight Sunday. (Flashlight Funday? No? No.) Anyway, what I want to talk about is a thing I’ve been talking about a lot elsewhere, so I might as […]

Of Course 2: Electric Boogaloo

Of Course 2: Electric Boogaloo

Some kind of change to the plugin I use to aggregate the info that turns into posts on The Spinner Rack caused some of the posts that should have gone there to get posted here. After discovering the error, and confirming that it didn’t appear to be happening anymore, I deleted the posts. Of course, […]

Of Course

Update: The Supply Closet is back, baby! You can order these and other prints directly! I recently hit upon an idea for a series of pin-up pictures, featuring Bettie Page – who, coincidentally, would have been 96 today – cosplaying as different characters from comics, movies, TV, and video games. I call it “Cospage.” (Cosplay […]

Sunday Miscellany

It’s #SignalBoostSunday! Follow the link to find creators to support. I’ve often talked about the high degree of “comic book insecurity” I had as a young fan. That is, for a variety of reasons, when I was a kid I didn’t have stable, secure access to new comics. There were no comic shops within hundreds […]